Interactive HTML, JavaScript, CSS tutorial website: Code Avengers

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Code Avengers is a website which provides free online tutorials to Students on web development and various programing languages which are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It has a unique interactive way of teaching which makes learning an effective and fun activity. Code Avengers teaches you the basic programming concepts in the beginning level, and advanced programming concepts in higher levels. However, it is free for students for only level 1 and later, if you want to access lever 2 and so on, you would have to pay. Look at the screenshot of the website below.

Code Avengers_1

This website to learn coding will help in maximizing student’s level of engagement with its way of teaching. Each course has an assignment associated with it, which becomes difficult as you move on further towards advanced levels. While doing assignments, if you enter wrong answer, it would show you a hint to let you guess the correct answer. To use Code Avengers, you will have to make a profile, which is easy as it does not ask for much information. If you are a student, and you want to learn any of these languages, you can click on the respective button. I started off with HTML/ CSS Level 1. Here is what I got.

Code Avengers_2

It will lead you to several task based lessons, where you will be able to learn as well as perform the activities, output of which you would be able to see on the same page. Once you perform the test, you are required to click on Check, which will generate output and enable Next button. Once you finish Lesson 1, then only you would be able to go to next lesson, otherwise their link would remain disabled.

Code Avengers_3

You can click on Reference side tab, and it will open a mini window which will explain the use of tags, along with the code. It has a Notepad, wherein you can enter some notes while taking any lesson. Also, you can make some setting changes, by clicking on Toolbar on the side tab.

Key Features of Code Avengers

  • Provides an interactive environment to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • You can learn Level 1 courses free of cost, Level 2 and Level 3 are for $5 per student.
  • A very simple and nice user interface.
  • You can read about the code structure and use in on the same page.
  • You can go to next level only when you finish current level.
  • Does not require much details while registration.
  • Level1 courses are great and gives you understanding of the language.
  • It has a Reference option, that opens up a window having references, which you can use while coding.

Overall Review

Code Avengers is a nice website that provides tutorial for basic languages used for building websites in highly structured and interactive manner. It lets you learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript only in a student friendly manner. You not only read about the languages, but practice them while learning. It provides information in a very easy manner, and is definitely suitable for students who are new to coding languages for web development.

Try Code Avengers.

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