10 Online Clicking Speed Test Websites Free

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This article covers 10 websites with free online clicking speed test. These websites test how fast you can click with your mouse. They test your clicking speed against time and give you a clicking score based on your performance.

With these websites, you can test the quality of your mouse and know its real potential. Even if you don’t have any specific reason for the clicking speed test, you can do it anyway, and it can be fun for a while. So, without further ado, let’s dive in the list.

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Here Are 10 Free Websites With Online Clicking Speed Test:


Cookie: Online Clicking Speed Test

Cookie.Riimu.net tests how fast you can click on a virtual cookie on this website. It measures your speed against time and draws a real-time speed chart of your performance. This test does not have any limit; once you stop clicking, it records that and gives you stats based on that. My average click per second is 7.56 here, what’s yours?

Take this online clicking speed test here to find out.


Click Test Online

 Click-Test.com offers 6 different tests to check your clicking speed. 5 tests check your clicking speed against time; the time limits for these tests are 1, 5, 10, 60 and 100 seconds. For each test, it gives you a CPS (Click Per Second) score. And, the 6th test is for measuring clicks per second. In this test, you have to click continuously and it will measure your highest number of clicks in a second.

Give Click-Test a try here.


JenniferDewalt: Online Clicking Speed Test

JenniferDewalt.com has a click challenge for you where it measures your CPS. The challenge has a 30 seconds time limit in which you have to click on the screen as many times as you can. It does not ask you to click on any particular area; you can click anywhere on the screen/webpage. It has attractive graphics for the challenge where it runs a 30 seconds clock animation and counts your clicks. In the end, it shows your total clicks along with CPS score.

Take JenniferDewalt‘s clicking speed test here.


JitterClick: Clicking Test Online

JitterClick is another website to test your clicking speed online. It welcomes you with a big rectangular box where you have to click in order to measure your speed. Below that, it runs a 10 seconds time frame for the test. Left to the time, it calculates your clicks, and right to that, it shows you the record maximum number of clicks in that time. After you finish the speed test, it shows you a graph of your number of clicks against 10 seconds time.

You can try this clicking speed test here.


Click Speed Test Online

This website asks you to click as fast as you can. It has 5 seconds clicking speed test to measure your CPS. In the test, you have to click continuously for 5 seconds. The test starts automatically when you start clicking. During the test, it shows your number of clicks in the upper right corner. In the end, it gives you a CPS score along with a remark based on your performance.

Give this click speed test a try here.


ThomasDigby: Online Clicking Speed Test

ThomasDigby has a 60-Second Click Challenge for clicking speed test. In this test, you have to click as quick as you can for 60 seconds. You can start the test by pressing the spacebar whenever you’re ready. The worldwide best score is 998 here, do you have enough potential to break that?

If yes, you can take this online click challenge here.


Urban75: Online Clicking Speed Test

Urban75.com has a World Mouse Clicking Championship where you can test your clicking speed. This is a 10 seconds test where it counts your number of clicks. To take this test, first, click on the ‘START‘ to initialize the time and then immediately start clicking the ‘CLICK HERE‘ button. The number of clicks you achieved in 10 seconds is your score. There are remarks mentioned on this web page for scores between 0 to 140. Take this test and see where you lie.

Check your clicking speed with this online clicking speed test championship here.


Lagged: Clicking Speed Test Game

Lagged has a ‘Click Speed Test‘ game to test your clicking speed. This game asks you to click on the screen as quick as you can. It has a 10 seconds time where it counts your clicks and gives you a score. The score here is your total number of click in that 10 seconds time period.

Do note that, this game requires Flash Player to run, so make sure Flash Player is installed and enabled in your browser.

Play this clicking speed test game here.


Scratch: Online Clicking Speed Test Game

This is another game to test your clicking speed. Here, you get 10 seconds to do as many clicks as you can in that time. It has two reading boxes at the upper left corner, one to show 10 second countdown and other to keep track of your clicks. You can start the game by pressing the green flag button, and once you do that, click as fast as you can to get the honest score.

You can try this click speed test game here.


InstantClick: Online Click Test

This click test website is little different than others. It has two buttons, one normal button covering a minimal area, and one big button covering more area. InstantClick does not test your clicking speed against time, instead, it measures the time you took from hovering the cursor over the button to actual click. Then it shows you the “Click – Hover” time and “Click – Mousedown” time.

Check your click speed with InstantClick here.

Wrap Up

All these clicking speed test websites are really fun. Go check the potential of your mouse and fingers.

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