Free Websites To Draw Feynman Diagram Online

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Feynman diagrams represent the mathematical expressions that describe the behavior of subatomic particles. Each shape in a Feynman diagram represents a mathematical term which together gives the equation for the diagram.

Drawing Feynman diagrams can be hard if you don’t have the right tool for that. A Feynman diagram usually contains various types of lines to represent fermion, gluon, electroweak force, etc. It’s hard to find an editor with these types of shapes, and drawing these shapes manually is even harder.

In this article, I will cover 2 free websites to draw Feynman diagram online. These websites have diagramming tools solely for drawing Feynman diagrams. These online Feynman diagram maker tools are developed by individuals as their part-time projects. The source code of both these tools is available on GitHub. So, let’s discuss these diagramming tools one by one in details.

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Here Are 2 Free Websites To Draw Feynman Diagrams Online:

draw Feynman diagram online is a free JavaScript app to create Feynman diagrams online. It has a clean interface with a canvas in the middle. There are two panels on each side of the canvas. The right-side panel is an item palette that contains 5 shapes along with a text option. You can drag and drop these shapes to the canvas and change their color and dimensions. After adding a shape to the canvas, you can change its properties any time you want. You can drag them anywhere on the canvas, change line type, flip, show/hide arrow, and add a label.

The left-side panel has all the remaining options. Here, you can name your diagram and change the grid size and zoom level. This editor saves all your steps in the History section from where you can jump back and forth to any step. It also has a set of hotkeys which you can use for various options. These hotkeys are:

  • Alt + Click: to add a new anchor
  • Alt + Drag: to add a new propagator
  • Alt + Drag from an existing element: to add a branch
  • Delete/Backspace: to delete selected element

With this simple editor, you can export your diagram as a PNG (with transparency), PDF, LaTeX, or JSON file. You can also load previously saved diagrams (JSON) and edit them here.

Draw Feynman diagram online with this website here.

online Feynman diagram maker offers a free online Feynman diagram maker tool. This tool has simple visuals but packs many handy tools and features. It has a canvas with editing functions on the top and shape options on the left. The editing functions include basic editing tasks like Undo, Clear, Move, Delete, and option to quickly select a specific shape. Whereas, the shape options has various arrow types, line types, and shapes. You can make a combination of these items to make the desired shape.

Unlike, your mouse pointer is a brush here, you can customize it by choosing the various shape or editing options and draw your diagram. In this tool, you have to choose arrow type and line type options before drawing a shape. You can not make these changes once you draw the shape on the canvas. Based on your selection, this tool shows you a preview of the current brush on top of the canvas.

To add labels to the diagram, this tool has a collection of symbols which you can select and add to your diagram. You can also add custom text and symbols to this collection and use them in the diagram. This tool creates an image of your diagram which you can save as a PNG file from the right-click context menu. It also generates a markup code of your diagram which you copy and save as text file. You can use this code to load that diagram in this tool later.

You can try this online Feynman diagram maker website here.

Final Verdict:

These are the 2 free online tools where you can easily draw Feynman diagrams and download them to your computer. Aivazis’s editor is simple and offers color options and various export formats for the diagrams. Whereas, AidanSean’s editor is monochrome with a little complex drawing procedure. But, it does offer more shape options (arc, circle, and more arrowheads) which Aivazis’s editor doesn’t.

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