Windows 8 App To Learn Playing Guitar: Guitar Lessons Beginners

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Guitar Lessons Beginners is a free Windows 8 app to learn playing guitar. The app provides free video guitar lessons supported with both textual and image instructions. It basically focuses on the Guitar beginners. The app is divided into four levels. The first level is totally free, but for the rest, you have to spend a few bucks. The best thing about this Windows 8 app to learn playing guitar, is, you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of playing guitar. The app teaches every thing, which is sufficient to transform you into a good guitar player.

There are 60 HD videos, and 52 lessons supported with good pictorial instructions, which you can use for learning to play guitar. This free Windows 8 app to learn playing guitar, is available in the Music & Video Category in Windows Store. Use the Windows 8 Search Charm to locate the app in Windows Store, or the link given at the end of this article.

Guitar Lessons Beginners - Lesson 1

Learn to play guitar using this Windows 8 app:

Guitar Lessons Beginners, surely is a good Windows 8 app to learn playing guitar. The tutorials are very well explained. They cover the everything starting from the basic. I liked the fact that, at the initial lessons of the first level, the app is totally focused on describing the body parts of a guitar, and how to tune guitar. Tuning is one big factor in playing guitar and getting the right sounds from it. Also the app tells about the frets, strings, and the notes. If one doesn’t know what are the parts of a guitar, then how can heZC# learn to use it. But the app doesn’t goes too deep explaining all these. Rather it explains everything in the most precise manner, which is sufficient enough for the beginners.

Guitar Lessons Beginners - Home Screen

On launching this Windows 8 app to learn playing guitar, you’ll get the Home Screen; showing all the levels and there respected lessons listed under. Showing every lesson in the Home Screen makes the app more accessible, easier, and faster; as you can simply click on any lesson and access it. There are total of 52 lessons. Each lesson is well supported with video tutorials and image representations. Watching the video tutorials in full screen mode is really helpful. One good thing about these video tutorials is: each video tutorial is divided in two parts: VIDEO and SLOW. That is, each video tutorial has two sub videos. The difference between these two is in Slow mode, you’ll get the tutorial for playing the same note, but in zoomed view focusing only on the frets, strings, and area within Rosette, and in Video mode you’ll get to see the tutor as well. Another thing that I liked here is, the videos get played continuously in loop; repeating the tutorial again and again. This does help a lot in learning the notes until you strike the right note.

Guitar Lessons Beginners - Video

Besides the 4 levels you’ll also get menu at the far left of the screen, containing 3 buttons: Download, Change Language, and Rate the app. With the Download button you can actually download the video and images together, to your hard disk.

Guitar Lessons Beginners - viewing image

Key features of this Windows 8 app to learn playing guitar:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 app to learn playing guitar.
  • Supports 7 different international languages.
  • 60 HD video tutorials.
  • 52 high quality images.
  • Tutorials from Franck Graziano: famous guitarist and graduate teacher of State.
  • Integrated with Windows 8 Search and Settings Charms.

Guitar Lessons Beginners - Search

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Final Note:

Guitar Lessons Beginners, is a must have app for all the guitar beginners. Almost everyone loves the guitar sound, and must have thought of learning to play guitar at some point in their life. So this is an app for those people. The tutorials are of excellent quality, the explanation that you’ll get within the app is something really commendable. They are simple, easy to understand, and follow, and it’s okay to spend a few bucks for getting more lessons. A good thing in the app is there are no Ads at all! The UI is very well designed and clean. Although the latter levels are paid ones, but you will learn a little about playing guitar using the 1st level, alone. All in all, a good Windows 8 app to learn playing guitar.

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Grab Guitar Lessons Beginners here.

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