How to Set Different Video Speed for Different YouTube Channels

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SpeedMaster is a free Google Chrome Extension that allows you to adjust the playback speed for each individual YouTube channel. Once you modify the speed of a certain YouTube video, the settings are saved for that particular YouTube channel and will be used when you play any video from that channel in the future.

Many YouTube users prefer listening to audio books, podcasts etc on YouTube at an accelerated speed of 1.5X or more to save time. SpeedMaster is a great tool for such viewers and listeners and can also have a variety other use cases also.


1. Click on this link to install SpeedMaster for YouTube extension. Here you must remember that Google Chrome Extensions are compatible with Microsoft Edge also.

2. Navigate to the YouTube video that you wish to play and just click the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons located at the top right corner of the YouTube player to respectively increase or decrease the playback speed.

Adjust speed

3. You can also do the same by launching the extension window and using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons under Current Speed.

SpeedMaster window

4. The playback speed of the current YouTube video will be saved and will also be applicable to all the videos in the specific YouTube channel. The next time you visit any video from this channel, it will be played based on the playback speed settings that you have saved above. To remove the saved channel from the list, click on the ‘X’ button for that particular channel.

Saved videos

5. If required, you can change the default playback speed of all YouTube videos from the extension window by using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons under ‘Default Speed’

Closing Comments

I tested SpeedMaster for YouTube and observed that it works fine. It is a very handy tool to adjust the playback speed of any YouTube video. Since it saves the speed settings for individual YouTube channels, you need not adjust the speed of any video in that channel when you play it once again. This results in saving a lot of time especially when you listen to audio books and podcast channels.

Click here to install SpeedMaster for YouTube.

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