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Voca is a free online platform that enables you to boost your English language with Video content. Generally, people try to enhance their English using old textbooks with simple exercises or practicing texts with dull topics. Some people also make use of audio and videos with unrealistic dialogs.

All that you need to do is input the word that you want to learn and Voca will provide you with chosen YouTube videos that you can use to understand the word, figure out how to pronounce it as well as use it in a variety of contexts.

How it Works:

1. Click on this link to navigate to Voca and sign up for a free account using your email address.

2. Type the word that you wish to learn in the search box, choose the required context from the drop-down list such as TV show, Cartoons, Movies, Education, Interview and more and press ‘Enter’.

Type word

3. Wait for a few seconds and Voca will provide you with a YouTube video in which the word has been used in the chosen context.


4. The video starts playing precisely from the point where the word has been spoken along with a transcript of the video that is displayed towards it’s right.


5. After some time, Voca automatically asks the user if it should proceed with the next video or continue playing the second one. If you click on ‘Yes, keep ‘watching’ the next video will again be played from the point where the word occurs. This process gets repeated till all the eight videos are shown to you.

The free version of Voca allows you a maximum of 20 searches. In order to overcome this limitation, you can subscribe to their Pro Plan. Click here to learn more about it.

Closing Comments:

Overall, this seems to be a fairly okay platform to help you enhance your English language through YouTube videos by improving your vocabulary and pronunciation and learning the context in which words can be correctly used.

Voca is working on a new feature through which users will be able to add, sort and practice unfamiliar words using preferred content such as videos, articles, books and more.

Click here to navigate to Voca.

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