Free AI Code Reviewer to Check Code for Errors, Generate Feedback

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AI Code Reviewer is a free AI-based web application that is useful to review any software code to detect bugs and errors and improvise the code quality.

Code Review is a vital part of a software development cycle that involves analyzing the code so that any bugs or errors can be identified at a very early stage. Code review also helps to assess the code for quality standards and is ideally done before merging the code with the principal codebase.

AI Code reviewer automatically identifies the code language and highlights the sections appropriately to make it look more structured and easier to read. If anything wrong is detected with your code, AI Code reviewer will inform about in the right panel so that you can take the necessary corrective action.

How it Works:

1. Navigate to AI Code reviewer using the link that we have appended at the end of this article.

2. Copy and Paste your code in the space provided for the purpose.

Paste the code

3. Click on ‘Get the review by AI’ button at the bottom of the screen.

4. Wait for a couple of seconds while the AI algorithms process and review your code.

5. The results will be displayed in the right panel. If any bugs or errors are found it will be clearly mentioned along with the error description and some advice.

No errors detected in the Code
No errors detected in the Code
Errors found
Errors detected in the Code


  1. Syntax highlighting is sometimes incorrect although it has nothing to do with the precision of the review.
  2. The lines of the code where the bugs have been detected are not highlighted or indicated. Hence they have to be located manually after reading the review making the process tedious especially in lengthy codes.
  3. The application doesn’t have any other important features of a Code Review application such as Reporting of key Metrics, Collaboration, Annotation and more.

Closing Words:

AI Code Reviewer works fine and is able to analyze / review the code and gives you its report on the bugs and errors (if any). It lacks some additional and vital features that are integral to any code reviewing application. The developers should improvise it further in the upcoming versions so that it is widely acceptable to the software development community.

Click here to use AI Code Reviewer.

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