Free AI based Recruitment Email Generator based on GPT-3

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Hedwig Recruiter Email Generator is a free online AI based tool that can be used to create customized and effective emails for professional recruitment communication. Hedwig is powered by Open AI’s GPT and truly makes the lives of Recruiters easy and hassle free.

Since the application is GPT based, it does not work based on templates as in several other websites that generate recruitment emails. All that you need to do is enter basic details about the recruiter, hiring process etc. and provide information about the role, candidate, and the company’s expectations. Voila, three variations of the customized content will be generated in no time with help from GPT. You can go ahead and paste the content in your emailing application and start sending out your emails.

How it Works:

1. Navigate to Recruiter Email Generator using the link that we have provided at the end of this article and click on ‘Get Started’

2. The first page will ask you to provide basic details of the recruiter. Input your Name, Role, LinkedIn URL of your company, and a brief description of the Hiring Process and click on ‘Next.

Recruiter Basic Details

3. In this page, type or paste the Candidate’s LinkedIn URL, Role that you are hiring for, Experience, Responsibilities of the Role and any extra instructions that you wish to provide regarding their prior experience in a similar role etc. You must also choose the Tone of the email such as Format, Casual or Fun. Now click on ‘Generate Outreach’ and wait for some time while Hedwig Recruiter Email Generator uses GPT to fashion your content.

Candidate Role & Expectations

4. The next page will display three variations of your customized recruitment email on the screen. You can toggle between them by clicking on the option buttons at the bottom. Click on ‘Copy to Share’ at the top right to copy the email content that you like to the clipboard.

Recruitment Emails

5. You can now paste and edit the content (if required) and send it to the potential candidates.

Closing Comments:

Hedwig is a simple tool that makes the process of generating customized recruitment email very easy and swift. It gives you three variations to choose from and the entire process is over in just a matter of a few minutes. Go ahead and try it out and reduce the effort that you take in candidate reach outs.

Click here to navigate to Hedwig Recruitment Email Generator.

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