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Landings is a curated catalogue of various amazing landing templates from popular brands and products that have been successful. You can use them to get inspired and design wonderful pages for your own projects. You can filter the templates by different categories to locate the right one for you easily and quickly.

In Web parlance, a landing page is a standalone webpage that potential visitors and customers navigate to, when they click an advertisement, promotional link etc. from any digital location. Home pages and websites are designed for exploration and a general overview of a business. As opposed to this, landing pages are tailored for a particular campaign or offer and mostly direct visitors towards a call to action.

If you have a defined short-term business goal, you must use a landing page designed for the precise target audience as it gives a great opportunity to convert many visitors into paying customers. Scores of companies have used them with a proven elevation in their conversions, whether sales, product signups, leads or any action that you intend the visitors to take.

Creating and shipping a Landing Page is one of the most challenging tasks that overwhelms the designers and developers. They often find it daunting to choose the right layout, color schemes, fonts etc. and this causes decision related stress. Here is precisely where Landings can help you to relax and discover a wide collection of successful and proven landing pages from great companies saving hours of work that you would have spent in UI & UX research.


1. Navigate to Landings by clicking on the link that we have provided at the end of this article.

2. Scroll down to browse through the extensive list of Landing Templates in thumbnail sizes.

Browse landing templates

3. You can filter the templates based on Theme (Dark / Light) and Color.


4. Click on any template, to view it in a larger size. You can scroll down and see the complete view of the landing page as if you have actually landed on it.

Landing page example 1

Landing page example 2

5. You can then click on ‘Visit Website’ to navigate to the actual Landing Page and careful go through the layout, color combinations, fonts and more.

Closing Words:

Landings is really useful for UI & UX designers and offers a great deal of help to them in identifying the right landing page for a project. This will save a lot of man hours that they would have otherwise spent in researching on their own. And what’s more, since Landings includes the templates of pages from popular companies, getting inspiration from them will help you to create landing pages for your brands and products with a confidence that they will cause your conversions to rise.

Click here to navigate to Landings.

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