Add Popup, Side Message, Notification bar to Website without Coding

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This article covers a simple method to add popup, side message, notification bar to website without coding. You might have noticed that many websites you visit have some sort of popup message. Depending on the website, a popup message can be used for the various purposes from lead generation to newsletter signup, offer, survey, announcement, and so on. Creating such popup messages manually requires good programming knowledge for sure. But there are many tools on the internet that can generate website popups for you along with guidelines to add it to your websites.

Treck is a free web service that offers over 40 popup, side message, and notification bar templates that you can customize and add your website with no prior knowledge of programming. You can create a campaign, pick a template of your choice, customize it as per your needs and get the embed code. Then, you can use that embed code to add that respective popup on your website and track the leads from the Treck dashboard. This service is absolutely free and allows you to create any number of popup campaigns with unlimited pageviews. So, let’s check it out in detail.

Add Popup, Side Message, Notification bar to Website without Coding

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Add Popup, Side Message, Notification bar to Website without Coding

In order to use this service, you obviously have to create an account first. It helps you track all your campaigns with leads and traffic insights. You can create an account from scratch or use a Google account for a quick sign up.

Add Popup, Side Message, Notification bar to Website without Coding

Treck has two sections: Campaigns and Leads along with a button to create new campaigns. The Campaigns section lists all the campaigns you create and the Lead section shows you the leads captured by each campaign.

Create Campaigns

add popup message to website without coding

To create a new popup for your website, simply create a new campaign. Doing this lists all the templates on your screen and you can pick one of your choices. You can sort the templates by their type and preview them before selecting them. When you select a template, it opens the template in the editor where you can customize the text, image, thumbnail, link, and description of the template. You get a real-time preview of what it’ll look like within the editor. Here, you can customize the template into your popup for the website.

Display Rules

schedule a popup message on website

Apart from customization, you can also select the behavior of the popup. Under the Display Rules, you can choose a popup trigger behavior for different device types. You can choose any of the following display rules:

  • On Exit-Intent
  • After X Seconds
  • After a JavaScript Event

Get Embed Code

get code to add popup to website

After customizing the content and behavior of the template, publish the campaign to get the embed code. This opens a new page and gives you JavaScript code that you have to add to your website’s <body> tag. Simply copy the code, open the index file of your website from the website assets and paste the code there. Doing this will add the respective customize template to your website. You can verify the implementation under ‘STATUS’ in the Campaigns section.

There are two more options to add the template to WordPress and Shopify website. Both these options are not available at the moment and hopefully will available in the near future.

Wrap Up

Treck is a useful web service that allows you to add popup, side message, and notification bar to your website with minimal effort. The functionality this service offers for free is really good. The ability to collect the leads makes it a great tool for lead generation and marketing campaigns. Give it try and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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