4 Online Dendrogram Maker Websites Free

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This article covers 4 free online dendrogram diagram maker websites.

A dendrogram is like a tree diagram that shows the taxonomic or hierarchical relationships. Hierarchial clustering produces the arrangement of the clusters which is illustrated. The branch in a dendrogram is called clade and the terminal end of the clade is called leaf. Dendrograms are used to demonstrate the clustered data like clustering of samples in computational biology, marketing campaigns, business analysis, etc.

Here are 4 free online dendrogram maker websites. These websites offer easy to use tools to help you make dendrogram online using various clustering methods. You can simply add your data to these tools and plot the dendrogram as per your requirements. So, let’s check out these websites one by one.

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Here Are 4 Free Online Dendrogram Maker Websites:


free online dendrogram maker

HeatMapper is a heat map generator website which offers a number of tools to plot various types of heat maps. With its Expression Heat Map tool, you can perform hierarchical clustering on your data and generate dendrogram along with the heat map.

To make the dendrogram, you can upload your data to this tool in form of a CSV, TXT, DAT, TSV, TAB, XLS, or XLSX file. After adding your data, you can verify it from the Table tab. There are several options to illustrate the data. All the visual tweak options are for the heat map online; you can skip those for the dendrogram.

This tool offers 4 cluster schemes which you can choose for your dendrogram:

  • Average Linkage
  • Centroid Linkage
  • Complete Linkage
  • Single Linkage

You can choose any of those cluster schemes for the dendrogram. If you already have clusters, you can import those here and use them for data clustering. Here, you can import row clustering to make a row dendrogram, or column clustering to make a column dendrogram. When you apply a cluster scheme, this tool makes the dendrogram as per that clustering. You can download the resulted dendrogram as a PDF, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF file.

Create dendrogram online with HeatMapper here.


make dendrogram online free

DendroUPGMA is an online dendrogram construction utility. With this tool, you can make dendrogram from a set of variables, a similar matrix, and a distance matrix. As per your input data set, you have to follow a specific input data format in order to make the correct dendrogram here.

For the sets of variables, you can input your data using any of the following two methods:

  • Method 1: Enter each set of variables in a new line and separate their values using spaces. In this method, the first line is treated as the identifier.
  • Method 2: Enter the identifier in the first line starting with ‘>’ and the variables in the next line separated by spaces or tabs.

For both matrix data, the input must be similarity or distance matrix in CSV or tab-delimited format.

After adding the data, select the data type you are using (sets of variables, similar matrix, or distance matrix ) to make the dendrogram. In case of sets of variables, you can choose the similarity index or distance coefficient to compare between the set of variables. You can also generate 100 bootstrap replicates and omits the rows with identical values. After that, you can submit your input to generate the dendrogram using any of the following clustering methods:

  • UPGMA (Unweighted Pair Group Method with Arithmetic Mean)
  • WPGMA (Weighted Pair Group Method with Arithmetic Mean)

In the output, this tool gives you detailed data as per your input options along with the dendrogram. There is no option to download the diagram, but you can take a screenshot of the dendrogram and save it as an image.

You can try this online dendrogram maker here.


online dendrogram maker tool free

Wessa.net offer a set of Statistics and Forecasting online software applications for free. It has a Hierarchical Clustering application which you can use to make dendrogram online. Hierarchical clustering based on the dissimilarities can be computed by this application using following methods:

  • Average method
  • Complete linkage (similar clusters)
  • Ward method (compact spherical clusters, minimizes variance)
  • Single linkage (related to minimal spanning tree)
  • Median linkage (does not yield monotone distance measures)
  • Centroid linkage (does not yield monotone distance measures)
  • McQuitty method

You can enter/paste your data table with columns representing variables and rows representing time periods. Then, you can select the desired clustering method and choose which clusters you want to display. When you compute the dendrogram, this tool also gives you a summary table for it. You can save the dendrogram as a PostScript(.ps) file or as a PNG file with a transparent background.

Give this online dendrogram maker website a try here.


make dendrogram online free

Revoledu offers a free online hierarchical clustering calculator. With this simple tool, you can easily make less complex dendrogram here. It has two input modules, one for the data and one for the controls. You can enter/paste your data in the data module. Keep each variable in a separate line and use commas to separate the values. This tool offers following clustering methods for the dendrogram:

  • Single-Linkage Clustering
  • Complete-Linkage Clustering
  • Average-Linkage Clustering

After adding the data, you can select the desired Linkage(Clustering) Method for the dendrogram for the control module. You can also choose the Distance factor for the multivariate data and show/hide labels. In the end, you illustrate the data as a dendrogram by clicking the “Cluster data” button.

You can try this online dendrogram maker here.

Final Verdict

These are the 4 free online dendrogram maker websites. You can make dendrogram using any of these websites depending on your data type and the clustering method you want to use. Give them a try and share your opinion with us in the comments.

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