5 Free Online Decision Matrix Calculator Tools

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A decision matrix is an approved quantifiable method to eliminate any confusion and emotion in a decision-making process while helping you to evaluate a situation from a logical point of view to make the possible choice and arrive at the correct decision. It comprises of a series of values in rows and columns (matrix) that enable you to visually compare your solutions. The process involves defining a list of factors that can influence a situation and then assigning a numerical value (usually 0 to 5) called ‘weight’ to each of them.

Decision matrices come in two types – weighted and unweighted. A weighted decision matrix allows you to weigh your variables (factors / criteria) based on their importance. You can apply different weights to each criterion since all factors may not be equally important. On the other hand, an unweighted decision matrix presumes that all the qualifying factors hold the same importance and hence weights should not be assigned.

In this article we will be exploring 5 online unweighted decision matrix calculator tools that you can use to decide the best course of action for your individual as well as business requirements.

1. Decision Matrix from nikolockenvitz.de

This is a very simple online tool that you can use to create your Decision Matrix and arrive at an appropriate solution. Click on the link that we have provided below to use this tool.

By default, two Alternatives (Options) and an equal number of Criteria (Factors) have been defined in the matrix. You can directly edit the text by clicking on it. You can add more Options and Criteria by clicking on the corresponding buttons at the top of the page. To use this tool as an Unweighted Decision Matrix Calculator, you must ensure that all the Weights are equal to one which means all of them have equal importance. Once the basic structure and content is ready, go ahead and input the Scores for every Criteria under every single Alternative and the observe that the total scores will be calculated and displayed at the bottom of each column in real time.

The Alternative with the highest score is the winner and you can then go ahead and take your decision. You can download the Matrix as a CSV file by clicking on the respective button at the top left of the page.

Click here to navigate to this Decision Matrix Calculator.

Decision Matrix

2. Ruminate.io

This is yet another lightweight and free Decision Matrix Calculator website that helps you to make informed and better decision using a decision matrix. Click on the link that we have provided below to navigate to Ruminate.io and then click on the ‘Get Started’ button.

Assign a Title and Brief Description for the decision to give it some context and click the save button. Next click on the ‘plus’ sign, choose ‘Add Option’ and add all the options that are available to you to make the decision one by one. The next step will be to add the Factors (Criteria) that you wish to consider for each option along with the respective Weight. For this, click on the ‘plus’ sign, choose ‘Add Criteria’ and go ahead and add all the criteria that you can think of. Since we require an Unweighted Decision Matrix, you must make sure that not to change the default value of Weight, which has been specified as 1 (one). Now is the time to assign Scores to every Factor under every Option. Click on each box in the matrix and use the respective slider to increase / decrease the scores. Observe that as you start assigning the scores, the total score for every option is automatically updated in real time

All that you need to do now is watch the final score. Clearly, the winning option will be the one whose total score is the highest. If you need to share the final Matrix with anyone, you can click on the ‘Share’ button and copy the weblink (URL). You can also copy the Embed code or Markdown table and use it wherever you desire.

Click here to navigate to Ruminate.io Decision Matrix Calculator.

Ruminate Decision Matrix Calculator

3. Idea Sandbox: Decision Making Tools (Excel Template)

This is an Excel Template that you can download and use as a Decision Matrix Calculator. Just click on the link that we have provided below to save this template in your system.

Open the file in Excel and at the outset, describe the decision that is being evaluated and considered in this matrix. Next, click on the corresponding cells in the column titled ‘Qualities of this Decision’ and specify the Factors (Criteria) to be considered. Further, click on the respective cells in the ‘Options’ row and update the option names. You must ensure the value of all the cells in the ‘Rank’ column is equal to one which means that all the factors are equally important and none of them has more weightage. Finally, go ahead and assign the Scores for every Factor under every Option and observe that the total scores are automatically updated in real time in the ‘Score’ row.

You can now go ahead and choose the Option that has fetched the highest score.

Click here to navigate to this website and click on the corresponding link in the section ‘Decision Making Tool’ to download the template.

Idea Sandbox Decision Making Tool

4. Simplified Decision Matrix (Google Sheets template)

This is a Google Sheets template that you can use as a very good Decision Matrix Calculator. Click on the link at the end of the paragraph below to use this template.

The Priorities (Criteria) are arranged column wise while the Choices (Options) have been arranged in rows. You must make sure that all the Weights are set to 1 (one) so that none of the Factors have more weightage than the others.

Now, go ahead and specify the Scores for every Priority under each and every Choice and you will visualize the total scores are automatically updated in real time at the end of each row. The Choice with the highest score is the clear winner and you can take your decision based on it.

Click here to use this Google Sheets Template. You must click on the File | Make to copy this template to your Google account and edit and make changes.

Decision Matrix Calculator Google Sheets

5. Online Weighted Decision Matrix

Although the name suggests that this tool is a Weighted Decision Matrix Calculator but, like earlier, you can set up the Weight of each Criterion as 1 (one) so that all of them are given equal importance. Click on the link below to use this tool.

Click on the ‘plus’ sign beside ‘Options’ and ‘Criteria’ to add as many rows and columns as you require. Click on the cells to directly modify the names of the Options and Criteria. Next, make sure that all the Weights are equal to 1 and then assign the Scores for every Criteria for every single Option. The Total Score for every Option will be calculated and shown in real time. Clearly, the Option with the highest score will be the winner for you to take a decision.

Click here to head towards this tool.

Online Weighted Decision Matrix Calculator

Closing Comments:

A Decision Matrix helps you in prioritizing your tasks and taking a correct decision that defines the best course of action for your business or individual needs. You can go through every tool that we have explored above and see which one of them best suits your requirements. There is not much difference between them except for the UI part.

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