Free Skribbl Alternative Drawing Guessing Game for Mobile: Drawling

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Drawling is a free, lovely Multiplayer Android Game where one player draws an Object, or a Sketch based on a Word and the other players try to guess the word by looking at the drawing.

It is a fine alternative to Skribbl that is a similar online drawing game in which a person tries to sketch a word with the mouse and everyone else try to guess the word that has been drawn. These games help players to improve their drawing and imaginative skills and at the same time, are a good past time when you are bored of your life’s daily chores.

Drawling uses the concept of Rooms for players. You can join an existing Room or Create your own Room. Each room allows a capacity of 2 to 8 players to join.

How it Works:

The following steps define the working of the game:

1. Download and install Drawling by tapping on the link provided at the end of this article.

2. Run the game, type a Username that you desire.

Type Username

3. If you know of an existing Room to play, type the first few letters of its name and in the displayed search results, tap on the Room to join it.

Choose or Create room


4. If you wish to create your own Room, tap on ‘Create Room, assign a name to the Room, select the number of players, choose the Wordlist from the drop-down such as Default, Programmers etc. and tap on ‘Create Room’ to build and activate it.

Create new room

5. Initially you will observe that you are the only person who has joined the Room.

6. Share the name of your Room with other players and friends as ask them to join. Once they connect to the room, their names will start appearing on your device screen.

Players joined

7. The player who has created the room will be given the first chance to begin. A list of 3 words will be displayed on the screen depending on the Wordlist that you selected above, and you will be asked to select one of them. Next you must swipe your finger on the screen and draw a rough sketch to define / describe the selected word. This sketch is shared with all the other players, and they are asked to guess the word.

Choose Word

Draw sketch

8. The other players in the room can type and submit the word in the space provided. If the guess isn’t right, the players can go on trying till they get the right word. If the guess is correct, the message is displayed on the screen and the next player (in the order of joining the room) is given the chance to select a word and draw its sketch. The game thus continues.

Correct Guess

Closing Comments:

Drawling is a good game that tests your drawing skills as well as the ability to understand and interpret the sketches that are drawn by others so that you can decipher them in a given amount of time.

Tap here to download Drawling from the Google Play Store.

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