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Windows 8 Cheat Keys, is a free Windows 8 app to learn operating Windows 8. As most of the people do face problems operating the new Windows 8 OS, so, this is an app that can help you in learning the shortcuts and the various ways using which you can make working in Windows 8 fast, easy, fun, and effective. The app lists down all the ways and their shortcut keys that are useful for both for touch and non-touch Windows 8 devices users. Plus the app is also integrated with Windows 8 Search and Share Charms, using which you can quickly search and share the tips and tricks. And also allows you to mark tips that you liked as favorites.

Windows 8 Cheat Keys - tips

Learn Windows 8 shortcut keys and other operations using this Windows 8 app to learn operating Windows 8:

This app is a very simple Windows 8 app, and is just made for the learning purpose. The information available is pretty good. Every function is very well described, along with images. Everything that is needed to completely understand a function is described in précise and sleek manner. And the good thing is they all function well. The tips not only covers simply the Windows 8 Charms and their Keys, but it also includes, tips on Live Tile Tips, How to Stop a Live Tile, Rearrange Tiles, Unpin a pinned page, change tile settings by using the Settings Charm in Start Screen, How to update installed apps, How to hide app’s notifications, how to switch between apps, zooming in Windows 8, Searching for files, how to schematic zoom out the Start Screen, Snapping apps, naming a tile group, Quickly launch the desktop apps that are pinned to taskbar, and lot more. There are 45+ tips listed in the app.

There’s nothing more in the app, besides these tips. But they are very useful and does improve your operating speed in Windows 8 OS. Plus you can also use them when around with friends to impress them. The app is only one screen app. Everything is available in the same screen, cutting all the clutter. Another good thing about this Windows 8 app to learn operating in Windows 8, is it highlights the tip that you are reading with blue color. So that when you actually test the tip or it’s keys you can switch back to the app, and quickly find the tip that you were reading. Plus if you liked a tip so much then, the app also lets you mark them as Favorites. Simply click highlight the tip and right-click on the screen or press Win + Z combo. This brings out a flyout at the bottom. Simply click on Favorite, and it gets added to Favorites.

Windows 8 Cheat Keys - favorites

And in order to view all your favorites, simply click on Show Favorites; in the same flyout. This flyout also contains two other handy buttons, and they are: Search and Share.

Windows 8 Cheat Keys - search

You can use them to quickly search for any tip. The Search option works pretty fine and gives relevant results. And if in case you found a tip very useful, then you can share them using the Windows 8 Share Charm.

Windows 8 Cheat Keys - share

Some key features of this Windows 8 app to learn operating Windows 8:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 app to learn operating Windows 8.
  • Shows a list of very helpful Windows 8 tips and their shortcuts for both touch and non touch Windows 8 devices.
  • Mark a tip as favorite.
  • Integrated with Windows 8 Search and Share Charms.
  • Simple and effective app.

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Final note:

Windows 8 Cheat Keys, certainly is a really good Windows 8 app to learn operating Windows 8. It can help a lot of people to learn working easily and efficiently in Windows 8. Plus the search option makes it too easy and quick to search any tip quickly whenever you need it. Though the app needs to be updated with Windows 8.1 tips as well, still it pretty much covers quite a lot tips and functions of Windows 8. Get this Windows 8 app from the Productivity Category in Windows Store or click here.

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Works With: Windows 8, Windows 8.1
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