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Office Snapshots is a free website to browse offices all over the world. This free website lets you browse photos of various office spaces. You can browse offices of various brands, like, Samsung, and see their photos. You can also choose to browse office photos of offices of a specific type, size, industry, etc. In addition to this, it also lets you browse photos of offices that have a specific feature, like, a specific type of flooring, availability of whiteboard, and so on.

So, if you are trying to setup a new office, or renovate your existing office, you can browse tons of inspiring office photos on this website for free. No account creation necessary.


Apart from just viewing and browsing offices photos around the world, you can also read interesting articles related to latest office work design projects and a lot more. You can also find some interior designing jobs listed in its jobs & careers page.

While browsing various global offices or products, you can even contact to their architect/designer company or product company by links given in descriptions. Read below how you can browse all these cool office stuff.

See Inspiring Office Design Photos from All Over the World:

As I mentioned earlier, you can view a wide range of office pics from different industries like Technology, Business Consultancies, etc, offices of any size from small to large, and offices situated at global locations like US, Australia, China, etc. For viewing different offices pics, just hover your mouse over “Office Projects” menu and select a category listed below. I am mentioning some of the categories available. You can check the whole list on its homepage.

  • Office Size
    • Small (<10 square feet)
    • Medium (10-50,000 square feet)
    • Large (>50,000 square feet)
  • Completion date
    • 2016
    • 2015
    • 2014
    • 2013
  • Industry
    • Technology
    • Architecture
    • Financial
    • Business Consulting
    • Law/Legal Services
    • other industries
  • Location
    • United States
    • California
    • San Fransico
    • And many other

When you click on a category, then it displays various office projects. You can click on a office project to view all its photos and details. In office projects details, a link to its designer company is also given which takes you to the website of that designer company.

If you want to narrow down the returned office projects results, you can apply various filters that appear on its left sidebar. You can apply filters based on office sizes, location, industry, architect/designer name, etc. In filters, it also displays the number of offices in that category.


In the same manner, you can view photos of various office components like work spaces, support spaces, etc. You can also apply filters to view just a particular office room.

Below is a list of categories that you can view on Office Snapshots.

  • Work Spaces
    • Open offices
    • Private offices
    • Work Lounges
  • Support Spaces
    • Reception Areas
    • Elevator Lobbies
    • Cafeterias, etc.
  • Meeting Spaces
    • Breakout spaces
    • Large meeting rooms
    • Small meeting rooms
    • Brainstorm rooms, etc.
  • Lighting
    • Pendant lighting
    • Linear Pendant
    • Cove lighting, etc.
  • Features
    • Green Walls
    • Staircases
    • Glass walls, etc
  • Materials
    • Brick
    • Plywood
    • OSB
  • Flooring
    • Cement floors
    • Wood floors
    • Parquet floors
    • Area rugs
  • Environmental
    • Branding
    • Glass Graphics, etc.


Office Snapshots also showcases a wide range of office products like seating, furniture, etc from various brands like Herman Miller, Encore, etc. You can view any product by clicking on a category and then further click on a product image to know more about its brand. A link to the product company is also given in its detail.

Product categories are listed below.

  • Seating
    • Bench sitting
    • Stools, etc.
  • Environment
    • Accessories
    • Hardware, etc.
  • Furniture
    • Desks & Workstations
    • Partitions, etc.
  • Lighting
    • Chandeliers
    • Desk lamps, etc.
  • Brands
    • Herman Miller
    • Encore, etc.



Office Snapshots is a free web application to browse global offices projects and its various components like furniture, flooring, lighting, etc. You can either use this web application to get an idea of setting up your office or simply browse offices of global companies like Google, Facebook, ZS Associates, etc. However, its navigation system could have been better as it lacks a search functionality within the web application.

I will definitely recommend this web application as you can also renovate your office while keeping international standards in mind to increase productivity and work life of your employees.

Start browsing global offices from here.

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