Free Websites To Type Like A Hacker To Prank Your Friends

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In this article, I will cover 2 free websites where you can type like a hacker to prank your friends and colleagues.

These are prank websites which you can use to pretend like a hacker. Most of the movies or videos use these type of websites when they have to show some hacking scene. These websites say that you can use them in your movie or video.

You can use these websites to prank your friends, colleagues or strangers. All you have to do is open any of these websites, make them full screen by pressing F11 on your keyboard. These websites use programming scripts which write code lines whenever you press a key on your keyboard. Even if you press random keys, these websites will write the exact code which they are supposed to write. So, let’s check them out and see what we can do with them.

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Here Are 2 Websites To Pretend Like A Hacker And Prank Your Friends:

type like a hacker

The first website you can use to pretend like a hacker is HackerTyper. Initially, this website shows a black terminal-like screen. When you press a key on your keyboard, it types a code on your screen in the green-colored font. As you keep pressing keys, it keeps writing code on your screen. Even if you press and hold a key, it still keeps writing the code. The code it writes seems to be a random C++ code. To prank someone, just open this website in fullscreen and pretend like you are the one who is typing all this.

Type like a hacker with this website here.

The second website you can use to pretend like a hacker is GeekTyper. If you are amazed by the HackerType then, you might be going to blown-away by GeekTyper. With this website, you can take your simple hacking prank to next level. Instead of just typing a random code on your screen, GeekTyper has a set of scripts which you can run using the hotkeys. You can see these hotkeys by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard. You can run following scripts with hotkeys; Download Critical Data, Encrypt Data, Uplink Satellite, Compile Code, Nuclear Weapon, Decrypt Password, Interpol Database, Security Breach Alert, Facility Breach, Track IP, Neurotoxic, IRC, Purge, etc.

type like a hacker

You can also type like HackerTyper and this website writes the relevant content on the screen (mostly login data). Unlike HackerTyper, it registers a keystroke only once even if you hold the key down. When you press Enter key, it displays an “Access Denied” popup on your screen which you can change to “Access Granted” by pressing the Shift key. Then, you can run any desired script(s) and pretend like a real hacker.

On top of all that, this website has 26 different hacking themes. You can use any of these themes and pretend like a hacker. Currently, GeekTyper has the following themes:

  • Tegnio
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • SCP
  • Umbrella Corp
  • Aperture Science
  • Mr. Robot
  • Black Mesa
  • Plain Terminal
  • Visual Studio
  • Fallout Version
  • Minecraft
  • Matrix
  • MLP Typer
  • Microsoft Word
  • NASA
  • Halo / UNSC
  • Anonymous
  • Dharma
  • Sliv
  • GeekTyper Blue
  • Writer
  • HE-MAN
  • Braile Version
  • Alien Version
  • Combine

You can try out all these fake hacking scripts here.

Closing Words:

With these websites, you can easily prank your family, friends, co-workers or strangers. You can pretend to type like a pro and run various scripts to mimic hacking-like activities. These websites are intended to be a practical joke.

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