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Investor communication by way of emails is one of the key jobs that are required during the process of fundraising. Often it happens that you are sending dozens of emails to your likely investors without any response. One of the probable reasons behind this could be that your emails didn’t have the appropriate content to make an impression. This becomes even more difficult when you are engaging in a cold outreach which means that you have no prior relationship with them.

Base Templates provides tens of curated email templates from VCs, leading founders, people who are already a part of the ecosystem and more for every use case from a simple could outreach to existing investor updates.

You can simply fill in the blanks using any particular template and provide all the business information that is required. Base Templates offers the following categories of templates for your outreach:

  • Outreach
  • Relationship
  • Examples
  • Update
  • Ask
  • Follow-Up

Here is how it works:

1. Head towards Base Templates using the link provided at the end of this article.

2. Browse through the email templates and click on ‘Show full email’ for any template that you like.

Home Screen

3. The Subject and Body of the Message will be displayed along with the Category and the Creator of the Template. I have inserted a couple of screenshots below from various categories.

Outreach template

Followup template

Ask template

4. Just copy the text of the subject and the body of the email, paste it in your emailing application at the appropriate location. Modify / Edit the email wherever required and send it.

5. You can click on any of the Categories available on the website to filter the emails by that category.


Final comments:

After going through a range of the email templates available, I think Base Templates is a very good website as far as the text, language and professionalism of the templates is concerned. Usually it is very hard to cut through the noise and communicate in a way that garners the investor’s attention. The templates offered by this website should help you in a great deal to draft that right email with the correct approach so as to strike the deal.

Click here to navigate to Base Templates and choose one that’s absolutely right for you.

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