Free Google Sheets based CRM to Track Sale Opportunities

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This article covers free Google Sheets based CRM that you can use to track sales opportunities. CRM tools are the best way to record, manage, and track sales data with ease. It helps you improve the sales process and gives valuable revenue insights. Some CRM tools do have a learning curve but if you are not already invested in a CRM tool, you can try SalesSheet.

SalesSheet is a free CRM Spreadsheet Template that brings CRM to Google Sheets. You can copy this template to your Google Sheets and start recording and organizing your sales process. This spreadsheet shows all your sales process in a visual dashboard where you can track leads, deal progress, and gain revenue insights.

Free Google Sheets based CRM to Track Sale Opportunities

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Free Google Sheets based CRM to Track Sale Opportunities

SalesTable is simple to use CRM that you can manage right into your Google Sheets. You can get this template from this link. You have to mention your email address and subscribe to the newsletters to access the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet opens in Google Sheets in “View only” mode. You have to copy it to your account to be able to use it.

crm in google sheets

To copy the spreadsheet, go to the “Files” option from the menubar and select “Make a copy“. Doing this creates a copy of the same spreadsheet to your Google Drive and you get full access to it.

SalesTable Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet has three sheets that you can switch from the bottom section. These sheets are as follows:


This sheet contains instructions about what you can do and what you have to avoid. Since the spreadsheet has a predefined template, it is advised to not make any changes to the Sales Dashboard. Doing this might break the functions of this spread.


google sheet crm templates

In this sheet, you can enter your sales data. It has a template with all the necessary columns, all you have to do is fill your sales opportunities. It has an Opportunity Status and an Opportunity Stage column.  Both these columns give you multiple options that you can pick as per your sales process.

Sales Dashboard:

crm templates for google sheets for sales process

This sheet shows you an Opportunities Summary along with a visual Open Opportunities Chart. This is basically a dashboard for all your sales process where you can track the Open Opportunities, Closed Opportunities, and Win Opportunities. The Open Opportunities Chart gives you insight into the opportunities stages such as Negotiation, Demo, Qualified, and Follow-up.

Closing Words

SalesTables is a handy option to easily manage the sales process. It’s not an alternative to fully-fledged CRM but it does offer the features of a CRM via Google Sheets. You get straightforward lists where you can just enter your sales data and get insights into sales pipelines with stages in a visual dashboard. It’s a simple and flexible solution that can help you accelerate the sales process, organize leads, track deals, and get revenue insights.

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