Free Billable Time Tracker for Gmail: ByteScout

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People who work with clients often have to track their time for later billing. But with sever communication, it’s not so easy to keep track of the total time they spend on their clients.

In this article, I will cover a free billable time tracker for Gmail. This feature comes as an add-on for Gmail that goes by the name ByteScout which you can install from GSuite Marketplace. As mostly formal communication happens through emails, so, it’s efficient to keep a track of time there instead of using other app or something.

ByteScout sits right in your Gmail inbox and gives the insight of your billable time by tracking how much time you have spent on each client. Not only that, it lets you export all the records to CSV file for safekeeping. So, let’s check it out.

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Free Billable Time Tracker for Gmail: ByteScout

To use ByteScout, first, you have to install and add it to your Gmail inbox. You can find it in the GSuite Marketplace with its name or install it from the link provided at the end of this article. While installing, it asks permission to access your Gmail data which is necessary for it to work. Once installed, it appears in the extension section in the Gmail inbox.

Tracking billable time is really simple with ByteScout. Simply open the mail of the client and click the ByteScout icon from the extension section. This opens an overlay where you can enter the time record along with other billable time tracker

It shows you total billable time at the top along with time spent and the number of records for a particular client. Below that, it shows the client name and email address along with subject and options to edit records and set hourly rate.

Add Records

track time spend on gmail for billing

In case you are working on tasks, you can add multiple records for the same clients. You can do that with the “ADD RECORD” button present below the current record in the ByteScout overlay. When you do that, it automatically fetches the client details and subject from the mail and gives you options to enter time spent, hourly rate, and optional notes. This way, you can keep track of up to 12 recent records with ByteScout.

Note: From the ByteScout Settings, you can save the default hourly rate so you don’t have to edit it later while creating a record.

Export Records

track billable time spent on clients

ByteScout gives you the complete access of your record. You can edit or remove a record anytime you want. You can also export all the records of a client to a CSV. This option gives you all the record in CSV format which you can paste to a text editor and save as CSV file.

Add ByteScout to your Gmail from here.

Closing Words:

ByteScout is a handy little add-on that helps you keep a record of the total billable time you have spent on a client right in your Gmail inbox. It’s a great tool for business employees and freelancers efficiently track their billable time without much effort.

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