Find Anything in Podcasts with this Free Podcast Search Engine

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This article covers a free podcast search engine that lets you find anything in podcasts. You might have to stumble upon many podcast search engines but the majority of them are limited to finding the podcasts by name only. This can be handy when you want to follow a specific podcaster or a specific episode of a podcast.

This podcast engine is different. Instead of just searching by the podcast or episode name, it lets you find podcasts based on the content of the podcasts. It generates transcription of popular podcasts and allows you to search for any specific keywords through all those podcasts. The result gives you the exact timestamp when the searched keyword arrives in the podcasts along with the prescription of the podcast. So, let’s check it out.

Find Anything in Podcasts with this Free Podcast Search Engine

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How to Find Anything in Podcasts?

This podcast search engine is offered by CaptionApp, a service to generate captions for videos, meetings, etc. It uses the REST API to index and transcript the respective items. The company took their technology and used it in the podcasts. The company offers this as a separate podcast search engine which is absolutely free to use.

find anything in podcasts

To find anything in podcasts, simply visit the website. There you get a list of recently indexed podcasts along with a search bar at the top.  Currently, this search engine covers the following podcasts:

  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast
  • Sam Harris
  • The Ben Shapiro Show
  • Pod Save America
  • Lex Fridman Podcast
  • Crime Junkies
  • Indie Hackers
  • Changelog
  • Talk Python
  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
  • Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman
  • Kyle Kulinski
  • The Young Turks

You can type the keywords that you want to find and run the query to get the result. Or, if you like to search within a specific podcast, you can select that to filter out the results.

The results show the list of episodes where the keywords appeared. You can then click on a result to get into more details.

search podcast transcript for anything

Tapping on a result opens that specific episode and gives you the timestamps where the keywords have found. You can play the podcast and point to the timestamp to get that part. Along with that, it also gives you the transcript of that entire episode.

Closing Words

This podcast search engine takes a different route to help you find what you seek. It is useful in cases when you don’t know a podcaster or podcast but want to get content on some particular topics. You can just search the keywords and find that across all the podcasts. The podcast coverage is limited at the moment, it covers the most popular podcasts on the internet with an intent to add more over time.

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