5 Online Concept Map Maker Websites Free

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This article covers 5 free online concept map maker websites.

Concept map a.k.a conceptual diagram represents suggested relationships between concepts. A concept map contains shapes, images, or nodes as concepts which are connected together in a hierarchical structure. Concept maps are used to organize knowledge, ideas, and concepts and have applications in business, sales, studies, research, etc. Concept maps are very similar to map minds (like siblings); they differ from each other only by their definition and structure. Hence, you can use a mind map maker tool to make a concept map and vice versa.

Here are 5 free online concept map maker websites. With these websites, you can quickly make concept maps online. You can make a fully customized concept map as per your needs and download it or share it online. Many of these websites support image import which you can use in your concept map. So, let’s check out these websites one by one and see what they offer.

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Here Are 5 Free Online Concept Map Maker Websites:


online concept map maker

MindMapMaker is a free online mind map editor where you can easily make concept maps. This editor is very straightforward and simple to use and does not require login or signup. It has a large canvas area for the map with a toolbar at the top. When you open this editor, it already has the main concept(root node) on the canvas. This central node has a red point on it which you can click and drag to add child nodes. You can also add nodes from the toolbar at the top. The toolbar contains quick shortcuts to add/remove child and sibling nodes.

When you hover your mouse cursor on a node, three options appear on it. With these options, you can add media attachment and URL to the node, and change the node name with text formatting options. Below the canvas, there are three more tools:

  • Drawing: This tool opens a drawing popup where you can draw and copy-paste it in your map.
  • Navigator: This tool is to change the canvas size and navigate on the canvas.
  • Inspector: This tool opens a customization window for the selected node. Here, you can change the appearance of the node and its connections.

With all these tools and options, you can easily make concept maps here and download them to your computer as PNG, PDF, or JSON file. You can also export concept maps to Google Drive and generate a permanent URL (along with a short URL) to share them with others.

Give this online concept map maker a try here.


free online concept map maker

MindMapNinja is another free online mind map editor with an online community. Here, you can create mind maps and concept maps for various purposes and publish them on the community groups. If you don’t want to share your maps, you can keep them private in your account.

The process of making a concept map is very easy here. Just like MindMapMaker, this editor gives you a root node with two “+(plus) buttons on each side. You can simply click these buttons to add child nodes on the respective side. Similarly, you get a “+” button on each child node to add their child nodes. When you add a child node, a “(minus) button appears near it which you can use to remove that node.

To customize a node, simply right-click the node to open the customization options. By default, this editor uses a line for each node/concept but you can change it to a rectangle, rounded rectangle, or pill from the customization options. You can also add shape and URL to your node and change its color and label. Upon completion, you can download the concept map as a PNG image.

You can try this online concept map maker here.


make concept map online free

MindMup is an online mind mapping application where you can create an unlimited number of maps without the need of login or signup and download them as MindMup, FreeMind, Image (PNG, JPG, SVG), PDF, PPT, or DOC file. You can also save maps up 100 KB to MindMap storage (as public maps) for up to 6 months and if your maps are larger in size, you can save them to Google Drive.

When you open the map editor, it gives you a root node on the canvas. It has a toolbar on the top of the canvas. The toolbar contains options to add new nodes, images, color, text options, and more. You can add new sibling and child nodes to the selected node from the toolbar. After adding a node, you can change its color and text format. You can also add an image inside a node here and create a text note for each node.

In this editor, you can also add new root nodes as well and create multiple concept maps in a single file. It has a Connector tool which you can use to connect any two random individual nodes together including the root nodes. With all these tools and options, you can make highly personalized concept maps here and download it to your computer from the File menu.

Try this online concept map maker here.


concept map maker free

GoConqr is an online learning environment where people can discover, create, and share learning resources. It packs various tools to help users build learning resources. GoConqr’s Mind Map Maker is one of these tools which you can use to create concept maps here. It is a simple tool that gives you a root node to start making your concept map. When you select a node, four options appear near its boundaries:

  • A plus icon to add a child node
  • An attachment icon to add an image in the node
  • A resize icon to change the size of the node
  • A semi-circle icon to make a partial connection between two nodes

With these options, you can make the desired concept map with this tool. You can double-click on a node to edit the text and apply text formatting from the toolbar. Apart from that, you can change the node shape and color, and select a background color for the map. You can also import media and add up to 5 media files in the map including images and videos. After making the map, you can generate HTML code to embed it on a web page. You can also share the concept map with your GoConqr friends and download it as a PDF file.

Make concept map online with GoConqr here.


free online concept map maker website

Bubbl.us is an online mind map maker website where you can create concept and mind maps for brainstorming. As a free user, you can create up to 3 maps here and download them as PNG/JPG image or HTML (outline) file.

This website has a pretty simple mind map editor with basic features. With the “+” icon present on the bottom right corner, you can add a root node and start making your concept map. When you select a node here, a toolbar pops up on top of that node. This toolbar contains:

  • Formatting Options: To change the format of the text label.
  • Map Layout: Offers Grid, Tree, and Circle layout options for the map.
  • Connecting Line Tool: To connect the selected node to any random node in the map.
  • Attachment: To add URL in the node (Image support requires Pro subscription).

With these options, you can make your concept map here and download it to your computer. You can also share it online via shareable URL and generate HTML embed code as well.

Give this online concept map maker a try here.

Final Verdict

These are the 5 online concept map maker websites. Depending on your requirements, you can use any of these websites to make concept maps. I personally prefer MindMapMaker.org. On this website, you can make heavily personalized concept maps and download in various formats without needing an account. Check them out yourself and let us know which one you prefer and why in the comments.

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