4 Free Online Video Metadata Viewer Websites

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This article covers 4 free online video metadata viewer websites.

You can easily find an online photo metadata viewer on the internet but when it comes to online video metadata viewer, there is hardly a good website which can do that. Probably the main reason behind that is video size. As compared to photos, videos are huge in size. And, to view their metadata online, you have to upload the entire videos.

Uploading a large size video online doesn’t seem an ideal solution to view its metadata when you can use the free video metadata software for the same. But, online video metadata viewer can be useful for the small video clips. With online video metadata viewers, you can quickly extract the metadata of a video without the need of any software. Online video metadata viewer comes handy when you don’t have any software installed for that purpose. You can use them on any platform whether its Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS or any other OS that allows you to connect to the internet.

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Here Are 4 Free Online Video Metadata Viewer Websites:


Online Video Metadata Viewer

Get-Metadata is a free online metadata extractor tool. With the help of this tool, you can easily view the metadata of a wide range file formats. It supports almost all video file formats whether its MP4, MOV, AVI, 3GP, or any other. All you have to do is simply upload your video file to this online tool and click the “Start Analysing File” button. Depending on your video size and internet speed, it will take a few seconds to minutes to upload your file. Then, it will analyze the file and show you it’s metadata in details. It shows you the format information, tags, geotags, disposition, codec, bitrate, video resolution, frame rate, color representation and lot more.

You can try this online video metadata viewer here.


free Online Video Metadata Viewer

Exif.Regex is another free online video metadata viewer tool. Initially, this tool was designed for images but now it works for a wide range of formats. The process of viewing the video metadata same as Get-Metadata. You upload your file here and view its metadata. In addition to Get-Metadata, this tool can also extract the metadata of online videos. Here, you can paste an URL to a video file and it will show you that file’s metadata. To avoid bots and spams, this tool uses a captcha. You have to pass that visual captcha to view the metadata of your file. This tool breaks the metadata into four tables; Basic Information, Full Data Information, File Information and Composite Information.

Give this online video metadata viewer a try here.


Online Video Metadata Viewer

The next online video metadata viewer website on this list is TheExifer. This tool has multiple input options, you can upload a video file from your local storage, fetch it from Flickr or import it from Google Drive or Dropbox. When you load your file on this website, it extracts the metadata from your file and shows it to you. It maps the geo-coordinates (if any) from the metadata on the map. You can view the rest of the metadata information under QuickTime Tags.

With this tool, you can also remove the metadata of your file and add new metadata. You can edit the QuickTime Tags, add XMP Tags and XMP GPano Tags. Then, you can save the new metadata information to your video and download the video with new metadata embedded in it.

Here is a link to try this free online video metadata viewer.


free Online Video Metadata Viewer

Amnestyusa.org offers a free online YouTube DataViewer tool. This tool takes a YouTube video URL as input and shows you its data as output. In terms of metadata information, it’s not even close to any other websites on this list. And, that’s because a YouTube video does not has same metadata as a video you shoot on your phone or camera. When you upload a video to YouTube, all its metadata is removed and replaced by other YouTube related data. So, when you paste a YouTube video URL here and click “Go” to view its data, this tool shows you its description along with Video ID, upload date and upload time. It’s not a video metadata viewer, but it good to find Video ID and Upload Time of a YouTube video.

Try this online video metadata viewer here.

Wrap Up:

These are the 4 free online video metadata viewer websites. With these free video metadata viewers, you can easily view and analyze the metadata of a video without the need of any software.

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