5 Free Habit Tracker Apps for Android To Monitor Daily Habits

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This article covers 5 free habit tracker apps for Android to monitor daily habits. Building a new habit is not so easy. It requires dedication, efforts, and time to build new habits. Different studies have different claims about the average time to build a habit. If you are thinking about building a new habit or track your current habit, you can do that on your Android phone.

I compiled a list of 5 free habit tracker Android apps here which you can use to build and track your habits. Initially, you can record your new or existing activities to these apps and set a goal to make that a habit. Then, you can mark your daily activities and track your habits. These apps also let you set reminders for the activities so you won’t miss it or forget about it. So, let’s check these apps in details.

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5 Free Habit Tracker Apps for Android:

HabitBull – Habit Tracker


HabitBull is one of the popular free habit tracker apps for Android. This app lets you create a habit and help you track that throughout the habit cycle. It shows you a list of popular habits, you can select any habit from that or enter your own to get started. Then, you can name your habit, color code it, add a description, and set a goal date for habit.

When you create a health-related habit, this app gives you three options to track the habit. You can track your habit either with a yes/no mark, with a number (data input) or use apps like Google Fit to fetch the actual data automatically. This app illustrates all your habits on a chart with successful percentage, daily streak progress, entered values, motivational quotes, and more stats.

HabitBull also lists discuss habits where you can share information and learn new things about respective habits. Furthermore, you can also add notes and enable reminders for habits. And, you can create an account or sign up with Google or Facebook to backup you tracking data.

Grab this habit tracker app from here.

Loop – Habit Tracker


Loop is a free open source habit tracker app for Android. This app has a fairly simple thanks to fewer steps from creating to tracking habits. It has a calendar interface on the main screen with a calendar where you can add your habit. While creating a habit, you can add name, color code, question to track habit, repeat days, and reminder. You can edit this information later as well.

When you create a habit in this app, it gets added to the main screen. You get last 5 days lists alongside each habit. From here, you can easily check a habit when done by long pressing on a date. This way, you have your recent habit history in front of you. Tapping a habit from the main screen gives you more tracking details. It shows overview, habit strength, habit history, best streaks, and habit frequency. This app doesn’t have any account option but you can export your habit data to a CSV file and import it back when needed.

Download this habit tracker app from here.

Repeat Habit – Habit Tracker for Goals


Repeat Habit is another free habit tracker app for Android that lets you easily regular repeated task. This app is also very simple to use and doesn’t require you to sign in or create an account. Though you still backup up your tracking data to local storage and import it back anytime.

Creating a habit in this app is a one-step process. Simply tap the + icon and enter the habit details. you can color code the habit, choose the repeat days for it, set habit goal (in days), and set a reminder up to thrice a day. Once created, the habit appears on the main screen along with the last 5 days with it. From there, you can mark a task done for each day and track the habit.

The main highlight of this app is its main screen which shows you an overview of all the habit. This app gives you options to get the habit overview for each day so you can easily track your daily habit. On top of that, it also has voice notifications with an attractive collection of UI themes.

Grab this habit tracker app from here.

Grow – Habit Tracking


Grow is one of the simplified habit tracker apps for Android. This app has a very minimalistic design that focuses on the habit without any additional clutter. It lists all your current habit on the main screen along with a + icon to add new habits. You can add new habits with name, start date, goal, and reminder. After adding a new habit, you can monitor it any from the main screen and get a summary of tracking.

Now, if you are looking for an app that doesn’t let you just check-in the habit anytime, this is the app for you. You can not check a habit for any days besides today. And, a task is only marked done when you do that from the habit reminder notification; you can not mark it anytime; unless you edit the habit details. This way, you can track your habit without cheating.

Get this free habit tracker app from here.

Day by Day: Habit Tracker


Last, but not least, Day by Day is another free habit tracker app for Android. Instead of covering a weekly habit cycle, this app focuses on daily activities. You can create a new habit by tapping the + icon from the checkbox option. Then, you can enter the habit info there and choose a color and icon for it. While creating a habit, you can also set a goal for that in days.

Once you create a habit, it got added in your habit list. You can track and monitor that habit from there. It shows you a timeline with days on scale and achievements on top. From there, you can mark the habit finished for the current day and past days as well. This way, you can easily track your habit with this app with reminders and export the tracking data to a ZIP file. The free version of this app lets you track up to 2 habits which you can expand with the paid version along with other features.

Get this habit tracker app from here.

Wrap Up

These are the 5 free habit tracker apps for Android that you can use to track your regular activities and build new habits. With features like reminders and notes, you won’t miss any activity and focus on making that a habit.

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