3 Free AI Based Knowledge Graph Generator for any Topic

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A knowledge graph is a repository of information that employs a graph-based data structure or layout for the purpose of integrating data. At the core of a knowledge graph lies a knowledge model, which is a collection of interconnected explanations for concepts, entities, relationships, and events. By using the links and metadata, knowledge graphs contextualize data, thus creating a foundation for data integration, analysis, and seamless sharing.

In this article we will be exploring 3 Free AI-powered Knowledge Graph Generators that you can use to create knowledge graphs for any topic that you desire.

1. Pansophy

Pansophy enables you to explore and gain in-depth insights into any subject by harnessing AI-driven knowledge graphs. It harnesses the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) to construct extensive knowledge graphs that illustrate fundamental principles and intricacies in a connected diagram. Just click on the link that we have provided below to use this tool.

Use simple natural language to describe the topic in a few words and then click on the radio buttons Overview or Deep based on the level of the knowledge graph that you require. Wait for a few seconds while Pansophy generates the knowledge graph for you based on the inputs that you have specified.

You can click on the ‘Download knowledge graph’ button to download it in the SVG format. Click here to navigate to Pansophy Knowledge Graph generator.

Pansophy Knowledge Graph generator

2. ChatKG

Let’s move on to the next tool named ChatKG which is yet another AI-based tool that allows you to generate knowledge graphs based on user input. It employs the OpenAI API to produce graphical representations that depict the relationships and associations among different entities and concepts. Click on the link below to navigate to this tool.

Paste you Open AI API Key, describe the topic in a few words using natural language and click on the ‘Generate Graph’ button. Now, wait for a few seconds while ChatKG processes your inputs and displays the diagram on the screen.

Click here to visit ChatKG Knowledge Graph generator.

ChatKG Knowledge Graph Generator

3. DiagramGPT

DiagramGPT is an AI solution that empowers users to effortlessly craft a variety of diagrams and knowledge graphs. What sets this tool apart is its innovative utilization of natural language processing (NLP), which enables users to generate diagrams using plain language. To use this tool, click on the link that we have given below.

Like earlier, this tool also use the Open AI API key to produce the knowledge graph. Click on the ‘key’ icon at the top right of the page, paste your API key, choose the Open AI model and click on ‘Save’ to save your settings. Next, describe the diagram in plain language in the text box at the bottom and press ‘Enter’.

Wait for some time while the AI of DiagramGPT processes your inputs and generates the Mermaid syntax and the knowledge diagram. You can use the respective drop-down at the bottom to change the theme of the diagram and then click on ‘Copy SVG, to copy the SVG code to the clipboard. Finally, paste the SVG code in a simple notepad file and save it with an SVG extension to create the SVG file.

Click here to navigate to Diagram GPT.

DiagramGPT Knowledge Graph generator

DiagramGPT SVG file

Closing Comments:

Select one of the AI-powered knowledge graph generators mentioned earlier and employ natural language prompts to effortlessly produce your knowledge graphs. Take some time to experiment with each of these tools to determine which one aligns most effectively with your specific needs.

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