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Edit this Cookie is a cookie manager Chrome extension that lets you manage all the cookies easily which are related to a specific website. It also allows you to edit their contents in case you would like to. You may even delete all the cookies of a specific webpage and change the content inside the small popup window. Using this extension, you may even add new cookies and protect them by making them a read only file. Inside the options window you would find several options such as the list of the flagged cookies along with the blocked cookies.

So with Edit This Cookie extension installed with your Chrome browser you can do everything with the cookies with ease. It means you can add, edit, delete, protect, block, and search cookies you want. Among the very few options available as a cookie manager for chrome this extension actually has been the popular and an efficient option.

Installing this Cookie Manager

You can install this cookie as you would have done for any other cookie. You can visit the chrome webstore and add it to your chrome browser. The rest would be done by the smart browser itself. If you are looking for some more useful extensions, you can try, Skip ads on YouTube and StayFocusd.


Using this Cookie Manager

Upon installation a cookie icon appears near the address bar. Clicking on the cookie icon brings out a popup menu with loads of options such as editing of the current webpage, adding a new cookie, resetting all the options, opening of the options menu, and a few more. You can click on the ‘’add a new cookie’’ option which opens a new popup giving you the place to enter the name of the cookie and the site address. You may check/uncheck some of the options available below such as securing the cookie, setting the session, and fixing an expiration date to it.



Setting the Options

Clicking on the options tab on the top opens up a new window in the browser giving you all the options such as checking/unchecking a few things to use the software. You can select or uncheck the option such as “Always ask for confirmation” and a few more.


Now that you know all about Edit This Cookie, you can try this free Chrome plugin to manage your cookies efficiently.

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