File Sharing Utility to Share Photos and Videos Online: Nebula Cloud

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Nebula Cloud is a free file sharing utility which helps you to share photos as well as videos on various channels over the internet. These channels include the file sharing sites such as Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox or the social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Besides, these you may even send them to several websites over the internet or use it on your own FTP web space. This free cloud based file sharing app can capture screenshots and record your screen with the use of the MPEG-4 codec. This technology behind the program makes it convenient for a better use while compression. The program is available for free and could match the standards of any other powerful programs in its league.

Installing this online file sharing tool

Installation procedure of Nebula Cloud is pretty simple wherein you need to visit the link here and click on the download button. Once you do so it redirects you to the download page after which the download proceeds. It takes a couple of minutes before being installed on your computer after which you can launch the program and start using it efficiently. If you are looking for some more cloud based file sharing utility, you can try FluffyApp, OpenDrive and CloudMe.

Using Nebula Cloud

Once you launch the program you would see a very attractive window appearing on your screen. It comes with hosts of options with pretty advanced features to them. The big window comes with 6 big icons where each depicts a feature of the program. Each of these 6 icons represents the following:

  • Capture a picture
  • Video Capture
  • Browser Window
  • Help
  • Accounts Association
  • Settings

Clicking on the 1st option above captures the picture of your desktop; similarly the second icon which represents video capture would start recording the movements across your computer along with the cursor movement and other functions being performed on the system. These two features are pretty handy considering it’s a simple tool that takes screenshots and saves them instantly. The video capture feature is very effective too as it could be used for preparing tutorials for working on a particular software or creating a video of some steps to be performed which you wish to record and show it to the person concerned.

The other options such as the browser window helps you in browsing files on your computer, the help options helps in getting the right guidance to use the software. Under the Accounts Association section you can integrate the accounts over all the social media websites or the other file sharing websites which you may want to use for sharing your screen captures or videos to be shared on. Under the settings option you can change the destination folder where you wish to save your captured images and videos of your computer. You can set the settings for a partial capture or a full screen capture or even just the window which you are working on i.e. Active window. For example if you wish to show people of how you work on a particular program or a section of the program that they are not able to access then you can use this to take a screenshot or make the video helping them to find the location easily.

Overall the software is quite effective for those of you who wish to use it for creating your own captures of the screen displays or the videos on your computer. Nebula Cloud makes the process much easier and faster.

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Works With: Windows XP, Vista and 7
Free/Paid: Free

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