Online Collaborative Code Editor with Code Execution, Read-Only Mode

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This article talks about a free online collaborative code editor with code execution, read-only mode, and password protection. TryCode is is an online code editor where you can collaborate with others on the same code. This is a simple and neat code editor that has support for various programming syntax based on the file type. It can also execute code and shows the output side by side. And, in case of HTML and JS code, it instantly shows the output as you type.

Being a collaborative code editor, it packs additional features which makes the collaboration easy and secure. This editor, allows you to protect the collaboration link with a password. The collaborators have to enter the correct password to be able to edit the code. It also has a read-only mode that allows you to share your code without sharing editing rights. With that said, let’s check it out in detail.

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Online Collaborative Code Editor with Code Execution, Read-Only Mode

You can start writing code right away just opening the website. But to be able to access all the features and to save the code, you have to log in to TryCode. It uses GitHub for signup so you can just log in with your GitHub account and start using the editor.

online collaborative code editor with password protection

The code editor has a neat and simple user interface. It has a top bar where you can name your file and access editor settings. The rest of the area is for the code. This editor supports various programming syntax; as you name your programming file, it automatically adapts to the corresponding syntax in the editor. And the code you write is saved automatically just like Google Docs.

Code Execution

online collaborative code editor with read-only mode

This editor also executes code and shows the output side by side to the code. You can enable this option from the Settings -> Preview. In case of HTML and JS code, it shows the output instantly as you type. Whereas, in the case of other programming languages, it needs an automatic reload to execute the code. The preview panel also gives you a link that shows the output on a new webpage.

Other Highlights

online collaborative code editor with code execution

This code editor packs a few unique features which you can access from the Setting menu. All those features are listed below:

  • Dark Mode: Changes between a dark and light mode in the editor.
  • Preview: Opens a code output preview side by side to the editor.
  • Read-only: Makes the code read-only for others with the sharing link.
  • Live Mode: Enables the collaboration mode; you can invite people by sharing the URL and collaborate on the same code in real-time.
  • Password: Allows you to protect the code-sharing link with a password.

In the Settings menu, you get toggles for all these features which allows you to enable/disable the respective feature. You can share the current URL with others for collaboration and enable the read-only or password protection accordingly.

Try this online collaborative code editor here.

Wrap Up

TryCode is a nice online code editor that supports various programming syntax and can execute the code as well. It is good for situations when you quickly have to write or test code but don’t have any programming IDE installed. And the collaboration feature with password protection and read-only mode makes it a perfect for team collaboration and getting your code reviewed by others in real-time.

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