Free Website to Organize Characters for Novels, Comics, Anime

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This article covers a free website to organize characters for novels, comics, anime, etc. One of the essential consent to a story is the characters. The whole story revolves around the characters so it’s important to keep all the characters organized.

Refsheet is a free website where you can create characters and organize them together at one place. You can add the basic to detailed information about the characters including their likes and dislikes along with a photo. After creating a character you can either keep it private or share it on the Refsheet community. Furthermore, you can browse the community to get new character design ideas for your story.

Another use case of this website is to create and organize the characters of your favorite TV show or movie which you can revise anytime for reference, debate or breakdowns.

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Free Website to Organize Characters for Novels, Comics, Anime

Refsheet is a simple to use website with a minimalist design. In order to use this website, you have to create an account first. You can also use Google or other social media profile for sign up here. This website has the following sections:

  • Home: You feeds where you updates from other users or characters you follow.
  • Characters: A collections of all the public characters published on the website.
  • Images: A gallery of images of all the publicly published characters.
  • Forums: Website forums for help and support.

The main thing happens in the profile section where you can create and organize your characters. In this section, you can create character groups and organize your characters. But before that, you have to create or fork a character first.

Create Your Characters


Creating a character is simple on Refsheet. All you have to do is click the ‘New Character‘ button from the Profile section and fill out the information. Here, you can add following info to the character:

  • Name
  • Species
  • URL
  • Profile Picture
  • Cover Picture
  • More Pictures
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body Type
  • Note
  • About
  • Likes
  • Dislikes

On top of that, you can also color code the character profiles to make them easily differentiable. After creating the character, you can organize similar characters in groups. For example, if you are working on something like Game of Thrones, you can use the group option to sort the characters by their houses.

Explore for New Ideas


As I mentioned earlier, this website also has an online community where you can publish your characters. You can browse the community for character design ideas and like other characters and comments on them. You can also follow a character for updates.

Organized your characters with Refsheet here.

Closing Words:

Refsheet is a handy website to keep all your characters organized. With this website, you can have all your characters well organized in one place. You can also browse other characters for ideas and share your characters with the online community.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 3 Average: 2.7]

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