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JSON Hero is an impressive Online open-source JSON explorer that allows you to browse, Navigate and Search JSON files and data easily and quickly.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is used to represent structured data in a text-based format. JSON syntax is based on JavaScript and its main function is to transmit data in web applications.

The JSON Hero UI is neat and aesthetic with some very good features mentioned below:

1. Views: Browse and navigate JSON Data using 3 types of Views, namely Column view, Editor View and Tree View.

2. Content Preview: JSON hero automatically understands the strings content and gives a real time preview of the value that you have selected like image preview, data / time preview, website preview, color preview and more.

Image preview

Date time preview

Color preview

3. Edge Case Detection: Scan related values to check for Edge Cases that are issues which occur at some operating parameters where the code can malfunction if the case is not considered.

4. Search: You can search JSON files for key names, key paths, values etc.

5. Schema: You can automatically generate and check the JSON schema for your file to see what it is really made of.

6. Sharing: You can easily share your JSON documents with your team members or friends. You can even link them right to the part of the document you’re working on.

7. Keyboard shortcuts: For easy and fast access to many actions. You can view the keyboard shortcuts at the bottom of each page.

The following views are provided by JSON Hero that can be accessed using the vertical tool bar at the left:

  1. Column View: This is a new and unique way to browse JSON Data with path bar and history.
  2. Tree View: This is to navigate your JSON document, containing sections which are collapsible.
  3. Editor View: This view enables you to view your entire JSON document in an Editor

All the above views support keyboard shortcuts and preview of strings based on the values stored in them.

How it Works:

1. Head to JSON Hero from the link provided at the end of this article.

2. Paste JSON data or the URL of a JSON file in the space provided. Alternatively, you can drag and drop JSON file.

Upload JSON

3. Click on ‘Column View’ and you will be able to see all the defined Arrays (Lists), Objects, Fields and Key-Value pairs in separate columns for easy understanding. Click on any value to preview it in the sidebar.

Column view 1

Column view 2

4. Click on ‘Tree View’ and you will be able to collapse and expand the various elements of your JSON. To view the JSON Schema, click on the ‘Schema’ tab in the sidebar. Click on the first line in the JSON file in case the tabs aren’t available. Like earlier, clicking on any JSON value will enable its preview in the sidebar.

Tree View

5. Click on ‘Editor view’ to see your entire JSON file in the Editor. Like the previous view, click on the ‘Schema’ tab in the sidebar to see the JSON Schema. Click on the first line in the JSON file in case the tabs aren’t available. Also, clicking on any JSON value will enable its preview in the sidebar.

Editor View

6. In any View, click on ‘Search’, type the values and all occurrences of the string will be clearly displayed in the search results irrespective of whether they are keys, values etc.

7. To share the link to the JSON file, click on the ‘Share’ button at the top right of the page and click on ‘Copy’. To include the path where you are currently placed, tick the checkbox ‘Link includes path’



Overall, JSON Hero is a very good JSON explorer that supports multiple views and presents JSON data to you in a way that is very easy to understand and analyze. The Search feature is blazing fast and allows you to search practically anything in your JSON Data. The Preview feature is very handy in previewing any values such as images, date / time and more.

Click here to navigate to JSON Hero and start browsing your JSON data like never before.

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