Free Notion Based CRM for Startups and Small Businesses: SwiftCRM

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SwiftCRM is a free minimal but powerful CRM solution with a streamlined design that has been crafted specifically for fast-paced B2B startups. SwiftCRM has been built on Notion and enables you to easily prioritize what truly matters in your business.

You can seamlessly manage your customer relationships, nurture your leads and tracks sales activities with ease and comfort. Since SwiftCRM is built on Notion, you can customize it further if needed based on your requirements. All that you need to do is duplicate the SwiftCRM template and make it your own.


1. Click here to navigate to the SwiftCRM Notion Template and click on ‘Duplicate’ at the top right of the Notion page. You must sign in to your Notion account for the duplication to take place after which you can start using the CRM as your own.

2. Observe that by default, 3 databases have been provided by SwiftCRM – B2B Sales Pipeline, Sales Contacts and Companies.

SwiftCRM databases

3. You can use different views for the Sales Pipeline such as By Status (Lead, Qualified, Proposal, Closed etc), High Priority, Estimated Value > $100k and more.

By Status

High Priority

4. You can hover your mouse over any record or entry in the Sales Pipeline or any SwiftCRM database to view it in the Notion side peek.

Sales Pipeline side peek


Contact side peek

5. SwiftCRM has laid down important connections between the multiple Notion databases mentioned above. Hence, you can click on Company name in any Sales Pipeline entry to directly navigate to the specific record in the Companies database. Likewise, if you click on the Preferred Contact, you will be able to view the corresponding contact details from the Contacts database.


6. Similarly, if you click on any Company name in the Contacts database, you will be able to view Company details for the specific contact. Again, if you click on any ‘Relationship’ in the Companies database, you will be able to view its record in the Sales Pipeline.


Closing Comments:

SwiftCRM is a minimal, yet effective CRM built on Notion and addresses the specific needs of B2B startups.  It helps you to boost your productivity by enabling you to seamlessly manage your customer relationships and track sales activities with ease. SwiftCRM easily streamlines the complexities that are associated with such work and enables you to focus on that aspect which truly matters – cultivating important business connections to drive growth.

Click here to navigate to the SwiftCRM template. Go ahead and duplicate it in your Notion account and make it your own free of charge. Let us know what you think about it.

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