Make Bachman Diagram Online With These Free Websites

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This article talks about 4 free websites to make Bachman diagam online.

Bachman diagram is a specific type of data structure diagram. It is used to represent data with a relational logical model. A Bachman diagram contains relations and coupling. A relation is represented by rectangle and coupling is represented by a line that connects the relations. And, the cardinality of the coupling is indicated by the arrows on the end of the line.

So, A Bachman diagram basically contains rectangle shapes, lines, arrows, and labels. You can easily make Bachman diagrams using any online diagramming tool that offers tools. Here are 4 online editors you can use to make Bachman diagrams. These editors are free to use and let you download the diagram to your computer in various file formats. So, follow the article to know how you can make Bachman diagrams with these editors.

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Here Are 4 Free Websites To Make Bachman Diagram Online:


make bachman diagram online for free

RealTimeBoard is an online whiteboard application that has an online drawing editor. You can use this editor, to make Bachman diagrams online. This editor has all the essential drawing tools with other handy features like online collaboration, Slack integration, presentation mode, and more.

To make a Bachman diagram, you can add rectangle shapes shape to represent the relations. You can simply drag and drop shape from the toolbar to the canvas where you can resize the shape accordingly and label it. You can also tweak the visual appearance of the shape by filling it with a color and changing the border width and color as well. After that, you can couple the shapes simply by making a connection in between. To do that, simply select a shape to reveal blue dots on its side and then select any of those dots and drag it to the other shape where you want to make the connection.

This way, you can do the coupling between the relation and make Bachman diagram here. After making the diagram, you can export it as a PNG, PDF, HTML, or CSV data file or share it online via email or a shareable URL.

Make Bachman diagram online with RealTimeBoard here.

online bachman diagram maker free

The next website to make Bachman diagram online is It is a feature-packed online diagram editor that is absolutely free to use. This editor does not support accounts; when you make a diagram here, you can either download it to your computer or export it to your Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Github, or Trello account.

To make a Bachman diagram, you can use any desired shape from the shape library to represent the relations and couple them together. You can drag and drop the shapes to the canvas and customize them to make a stunning diagram. You can fill shapes with color, add gradient and shadows, customize the border and add other styling tweaks. After customizing a shape, you can copy its style code and use that to apply the same customization to other shapes as well. To connect two shapes, you can either use the line tool or simply select an image to get the quick connecting dots and drag them to the other shape to make a connection. After making a connection, you can select and customize the connecting line as well. This way, you can easily make Bachman diagrams with this editor and export them to your computer.

You can make Bachman diagram online with here.


make bachman diagram online for free

LucidChart is another online diagram editor that packs powerful diagramming and editing tools. You can use this editor to Bachman diagrams. In this editor, you get a shape collection on the left side of the canvas from where you can drag & drop shapes to add them to the canvas. You can add rectangle shapes for the relations in the Bachman diagram. Like all the other editors on this list, you can tweak the appearance of the shape by changing color, border width and adding design styles. You can also copy-paste a shape and use it for the other relations. To add the coupling between the shape, simply select a shape to reveal its connection dots and drag any of those dots to the other shape where you want to attach the coupling. This way, you can add coupling between all the remaining shapes and complete your Bachman diagram here.

After making the diagram, you can save it to your computer as a PDF, PNG, SVG, JPEG, HTML, XML, or VDX file and use it offline, You can also share your diagrams by adding recipient email IDs and email them a shareable link to the diagram.

Give this online Bachman diagram maker a try here.


make bachman diagram free

Another website to make Bachman diagrams online is Creately. It is yet another online diagramming tool where you can easily make Bachman diagrams. The process of making the diagram is the same as the other editors on this list. You can select a shape from the shapes collection and add them to the canvas to represent the relations of the Bachman diagram. After adding shapes to the canvas, you can tweak its appearance using the Style and Fill tool from the top toolbar.

Connecting the shapes to represent the couple is different than the other editors. When you select a shape, five options appear on it. The second option is for the connection. You can select this option to start a connection from the selected shape and connect it to another shape by dragging. After finishing the diagram, you can share it online, generate HTML embed code, and download as a PNG or JPEG file.

You can try this website to make Bachman diagram online here.

Closing Words:

These are the 4 free websites where you can make Bachman diagram online. All these websites are equally easy to use and let you save the final diagram to your computer. Go ahead, give them all a try and let us know which one you prefer and why.

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