Free Android App To Fall Sleep Quickly With Scientifically Designed Music

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If you have trouble falling asleep at night or feel drowsy when you wake up then this Android app might help you sleep better.

Can’t Sleep is a free Android app that uses calibrated music to distract your mind from wakeful thoughts and helps you sleep quickly. It blocks the background noise using audio masking. This way, you will only hear the scientifically calibrated music. This app does not require an active internet connection which means you can listen to it anywhere, anytime.

The landing webpage of this app guarantees that you will feel calm and wake up with 25% more energy within 10 days of using this app. You might have doubt about this claim. In this article, I will cover the various features and options of this app, which may or may not be enough to answer your doubt. Different people have different problems and different music taste. So, it might work for some people and might not work for others. The only person who can answer your doubt is you, so, give it a try.

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Fall Sleep Quickly With Scientifically Designed Music:

Can’t Sleep is basically a free app which also offers additional features with a premium membership plans. Here, we will mainly focus on the free features of this app.

Presets & Modes

Android App to Fall Sleep Quickly

When you open this app, it welcomes you with a Presets tab. This tab offers you 8 presets; Default, Jazz, Gypsy, Water, Barque, Spring, New Age and All. When you select a preset, it asks you to choose a mode and play music as per the selected mode and preset. There are four different modes you can choose from for all 8 presets; Relax, Focus, Sleep, and Infant Sleep.


Android App to Fall Sleep Quickly

When you play a preset music in any selected mode, it sets a background photo that is relevant to that preset. On this screen, you get three more buttons along with a play/pause button. The heart-shaped button lets you set the music tempo. This app suggests you set the tempo to your current heart rate for better results. With the clock-shaped button, you can set a timer to automatically turn off the app. The last button allows you to on/off various elements in the music. From this option, you can toggle the following elements; High Notes, Melody, Bass, Sound Effects, Beat, and Soundscape.

This is everything you get in the Presets tab of this app. Beside Presets, there is a Custom tab where you can set personalized music options by toggling various options.

Customized MusicAndroid App to Fall Sleep Quickly

From the Custom tab, you can enable/disable various sounds as per your music taste. Here, you get 11 Instrument sounds, 6 Drums & Sound FX sounds, and 17 Ambient Environment sounds. You can mix these sounds to customize the music.

Android App to Fall Sleep Quickly

There is also a Mode/Image section in the Custom tab. Here, you can easily change the mode for the current preset music. You can also choose different background images from the given choices. You can also use a custom background image you subscribed to any of its premium plans.

Visit Can’t Sleep homepage here.

Grab this app from Play Store here.

Wrap Up:

The music this app has is made by conducting two studies and research on music psychology, music therapy, and evolutionary musicology. The music is scientifically calibrated to create a mentally and physically calm state. If it works for you, this app can be really helpful especially in case of insomnia.

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