Portable Recipe Database Manager: DJORecipe

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DJORecipe is a free, portable recipe database manager which comes with more than 100 recipes and has the feature to add as many as you want. It comes with added features such as customizing ingredients, search tool to help you search the huge database by the name of the recipe, tool for daily calories count, and much more. You may even use this free recipe database management tool to record your daily diet plans and monitor your intakes in terms of calories you take in.

Installation of this free Recipe database manager

The best part of this software is that it doesn’t require any installation as such. You just need to download the program from the Developer’s website here and unzip the downloaded file. After you unzip the file you would have the .exe file which is required to be clicked for launching the program. Another great feature of using the software is that it’s highly portable where you could have the software folder on any portable device such as the pen drives or CDs or other similar external drives which you may have. If you are looking for some more kitchen related app, you can try KitchenTimer, Android Recipe App and Chef’s Kitchen Android Timer App.

Using this free Recipe database manager

Once you have launched the program you would see a big window appear on the screen. It would have several recipe names (about 100 of them) on the right and a recipe on the right side of the window. The right side is further sub-divided into three parts i.e. Ingredients, Procedure, and Nutritional Values. In case you wish to scroll to another recipe from the list you just need to scroll on the left window and select the one you want. You may even use the search option at the top if you want to search for a particular recipe of your choice. The search comes with a detailed categorization where you can search your recipe as per the name, rating, keywords, ingredients, calories, etc.

Further if you wish to add a particular recipe you can click on the Add button on the extreme left at the top of the screen which will open up a new window asking you about the details of the new recipe. This screen asks you the details of the particular recipe you wish to add where in you need to insert the details in the 4 tabs appearing on the screen. The tabs further have several sections that need to be filled in order to compile and save the recipe. The tabs are:

  • General
  • Ingredients
  • Procedure
  • Nutritionals

The features under this tab include mentioning of the recipe name, its procedure, adding pictures of the food, adding nutritional values, etc. One may even import the details from an already saved recipe in the program. It would help you in editing or getting a brief idea of how you could modify a similar recipe and save it in the program. Another possibility is browsing recipes of your choice online and copying their contents and pasting them in the respective fields in the sections provided. After you are done you just need to click on OK and it would start appearing in the list.

Talking about the other features you can modify a recipe, print them, and add/delete ingredients to existing recipes from the options appearing at the top. One of the best features of the program is the option of Resizing the quantities. Once you click on the tab at the top with the option for resizing you would be presented with a new window where you need to insert the number of people you wish to prepare the dishes for. Once you do so all the dishes you browse would be modified in terms of ingredients and procedures with respect to the number of people you chose.

Now that you know all about DJORecipes, you are ready to use this free recipe database program.

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Works With: Windows XP, Vista and 7
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