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DarkWave Studio, an open source software, is a free digital audio workstation that allows any user to produce good quality and inventive audio tracks, simply by using an easy and intuitive piece of software. It is particularly useful for those who are real music enthusiasts and are looking for a free alternative to the other digital audio workstation software out there, which is mostly not free at all.

In fact, many people are turned away from music software in general because it is usually overpriced for what it is. That is not an issue here at all.

DarkWave Studio is not created for novices. A novice user is better off using some online audio editor to mix tracks.

A screenshot of the DarkWave Studio interface.

Here are some of the features of DarkWave Studio:

  • Native x64 and x86 Windows platform support.
  • VST plugin support – expandable with instrument and effects plugins.
  • ASIO audio driver support – low latency output.
  • Multi-core / Multi-CPU support.
  • Makes use of SSE2 optimizations when supported by the CPU.
  • Full 64-bit double precision floating point audio processing.

Easy to use Music Creation Software:

This free digital audio workstation is very useful indeed for those who are musically gifted to being with or are interested in music and making it with a computer. There is plenty for the music enthusiast to enjoy with the features all geared towards the best possible audio experience and music production.

If you just need some DJ software, you can try UltraMixer2, OTSTurnTables, or OTS CD Scratch.


Whilst this free digital audio workstation certainly works well and has all of the features that you could really want, it is not as accessible to all as a more modest bit of audio software like Audacity, which may not offer the same range of features, but is at least accessible to the vast majority of people. And if you want a more professional music production software, you can try free alternative to Fruity Loops Studio.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Free/Paid: Free

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