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Fudge is a free online game from Rianna developed in HTML5. The aim of the game is to form Tetrominoes at the bottom of the stack in the field of play in such a way that they have a clear path below them to fall without any obstacles. You must repeat this process till you are probably able to clear all the tiles in the field. Your best attempt will be the one in which you get a Lowest Score that is equivalent to the number of Tiles that remain on the board.

Fudge can be termed a reverse Tetris as instead of placing and arranging the falling Tetrominoes, you must carve them out of a block of tiles. The Tetromino configuration, shape and orientation must exactly match one of the three types that are shown to the left of the screen. All that you need to do is click on the tiles to form the Tetromino and once you get a match it falls automatically provided there is a clear path below it.

How it Works:

1. Click on this link to navigate to Fudge. You are not required to sign in or register for a free account to play this game.

2. The game starts with a field of play that is filled with 140 tiles.

Fudge interface

3. Start by observing the shape and orientation of the Tetrominoes shown to the left of the screen. Now, click on the squares in the field and try to carve (match) any one of the displayed Tetrominoes in such a way that there is a clear path below it to fall. To deselect any squares, click on them once again.

4. If you are stuck in a bad spot and unable to get a possible match to proceed, you can click on ReRoll to get a new combination of Tetrominoes on the left, but you must remember that this will also reload a few pieces back on the field.

5. Continue with the above process repeatedly till you are able to fully clear the field of play or get a Lowest Score that is equal to number of squares left on the board.

Lowest score

Closing Comments:

Fudge is a highly entertaining and absorbing game and I found myself getting addicted to it in just a couple of minutes. The aim is to clear the field of play by carving out Tetrominoes from the block of tiles such that there is no obstacle below them and get a lowest score.

Go ahead and try it out and do write to us to give feedback. Click here to play Fudge.

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