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Type is a free AI based text editor that enables you to write very good quality content swiftly and easily. Rather than composing any important content from the beginning, you can use Type to instantly generate your drafts, rewrite any content, and take suggestions on what you should write next through its Command Palette that can be accessed using the shortcut key Ctrl + k.

Type includes several AI commands that can understand the context of your document and help you to write better and faster. It has a very simple but great UI / UX and surprisingly does pump you with hundreds of templates to write your content. Instead, it focuses and tells you how to build your document based on the current context. In other words, unlike the other AI writing applications in the market, Type boosts and inspires the human to play a key and significant role in the entire editing and writing process.

Type is fully responsive and also allows you to install a PWA (Progressive Web Application) of the website for fast and easy access. All that you can possibly do on the desktop version can also be easily achieved on its mobile version. Tap also boasts of a folder system that can be accessed from the sidebar. It easily allows you to work on and save large content like blog posts and more and locate these documents later in the specific folder or sub-folder.

How it Works:

1. Navigate to Type by clicking on the link that we have provided at the end of this article and Sign up for a free account using your email address.

2. Click on the ‘New Document’ button to start. This takes you to the document editor with a small toolbar at the top that helps you to format the text such as changing the block type, inserting a bulleted list, inserting an image, changing the indent etc. If you wish to change the text emphasis such as bold, italic, underline or want to insert a web link, simple select the text and choose the required option from the small toolbar that appear below the selected text.

New Document

Text Toolbar

3. The working of Type is easy and straightforward. All that you need to do is type some relevant text, access the command palette using Ctrl + k or using the button at the top right of the document, and choose the required command like Generate content, Write sentence, Write list, Free write, Transform text and more. Type will analyze the context of the text above the current cursor position and generate the results for you.

4. For example, if you wish to transform any text, highlight it, choose ‘Transform text’ from the command palette, and type the command on how you wish to transform such as summarizing it or making it more professional or friendly and more.

Transform text command

Summarize text


5. Type will take some time to analyze the context of the text, process the inputs and generate the required content.

Text summarize results

6. Likewise, if you wish to write some copy for a landing page to pitch for a product, just write a few words describing the product and choose ‘Write Paragraph’ from the command palette.

Write paragraph command

Write paragraph results

7. Similarly, if you are typing a long email to your senior or manager and require some professional way to say a few words, just type those words as you think, place the cursor below the line and choose the ‘Write List’ command from the palette. Type will analyze the context and generate a list that you will find handy.

Write list command

Write list results

8. To generate your first draft, click on the ‘Generate Draft’ button in a new document, type or paste a detailed description of the document that you desire to create and click on ‘Generate’.

Generate draft

Generate draft results

9. Type also gives you a lot of ideas on what you can write about next. These ideas appear on the side bar towards the right of the document.

Ideas for writing

Closing Comments:

Type is a simple looking document editor with extremely handy AI commands that help you to generate high-quality content easily. It works very fast while generating the content and is wonderful in analyzing the context of your text to give you the desired results. Type is extremely easy to use by way of the command palette with a neat and simple UI / UX with no frills.

Click here to navigate to Type AI

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