Free Company Search Engine to Find Companies by Keywords

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This article covers a free company search engine to find companies by keywords. First, let’s just answer why there is a need of company search engine and how it’s different from other regular search engines?

A company search engine is specifically designed to search companies by any relevant keyword. For example, if you want to know how many companies are involved in solar energy, you can simply search with “solar energy” keyword and it lists all the companies involved in solar along with their information. Now, doing the same is kinda difficult with regular search engines because they include other “solar energy” content from all over the internet which makes the results messy.

CoRepo is a free company search engine that doesn’t include any content site. The results only index companies with their bios and links to their homepages. You can also use sites like LinkedIn and Crunchbase for the same but the success rate won’t be as good as CoRepo. This is because those services use pre-defined categories and include a site only when the keyword fall in their categories. With that said, let’s see how CoRepo is different and what information it shows.

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Free Company Search Engine to Find Companies by Keywords

CoRepo is a free search engine site like any other search engine but without ads. The homepage has a search bar where you can type your keyword and find the relevant companies.

CoRepo company search engine homepage
Below the search bar, it shows how many companies they have indexed in their database. And, at the bottom of the home page, you get links to about section and contact for enterprise API.

Advanced Search Filters

CoRepo company search engine search filters

The search bar has a filter button alongside the search. This opens an advanced filters panel where you can filter companies by country, city, size, funding, founding year, and industry. These filters help you find specific companies more easily.

Search Results

CoRepo company search engine search results

The search results list all the relevant companies it can find and rank them for your keyword. Each result shows the company’s name at the top which links to the company’s homepage. This follows by the bio of the company along with the following stat:

  • Founding Year
  • Location
  • Employee Count
  • Funding
  • Industry
  • Social Media

Search companies by keyboards here.

Wrap Up

A company search engine is really helpful to find companies by specific keywords. It gives you pretty accurate results without involving any content site. All this makes a company search engine a handy tool to quickly search companies without wasting time scrolling through the results. If you are in need of a free and simple company search engine definitely give CoRepo a try.

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