Convert DXF to KML Online with These Free Websites

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DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) file is a data file used in software like AutoCAD, Maya, CorelDraw, 3D Studio Max, etc. A DXF file can store data parameters with geospatial information although the geospatial-related software like Google Earth, Maps, Garmin GPS, Fusion Tables, etc. widely use KML format to store the geospatial information. So, to visualize the geospatial data from a DXF file, you can convert the DXF file to KML.

In this article, I covered 4 free websites to convert DXF to KML online. These websites offer easy-to-use conversion tools where you can upload your DXF file and converter that to KML. Out of these four, two converters are fairly simple and fulfill the basic functionality of a DXF to KML converter whereas the other two offer advanced options which you can use to customize the DXF file parameters before converting them to KML. So, let’s check them out.

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Here Are 4 Free Online DXF to KML Converter Websites:

My Geodata

convert dxf to kml online for free

myGeodata is an online GIS data platform where you can upload your data and download shared GIS data. To embrace this huge collection of GIS data, it has an online GIS/CAD converter. With this converter, you can easily convert a DXF file to KML file. When you upload a DXF file with geographical data to this converter, it lists all the parameters from that file and displays that on the map. You can convert any/all parameters of your input file to KML file by selecting it from the “Input parameters” drop-down. To do that, simply select KML as the output data format and start the conversion. You can also add multiple files to this converter and merge the parameters in a single KML database.

Convert DXF to KML online here.

Geo Converter

Convert DXF to KML Online with These Free Websites

As the name suggests, Geo Converter is an online converter for geographical data files. If you are looking for a simple DXF to KML converter that is easy to use and doesn’t confuse you with various options then this converter can put an end to your search. It supports batch conversion and can also fetch files from the web via URLs. You can simply load your DXF Files to this converter and export them as KML files. To convert DXF to KML, simply add your DXF files here, select Keyhole Markup Language (KML) as an export format and click Run. Within a few seconds, it converts DXF files to KML files and gives you links to download them. This converter also offers a few advanced options which are collapsed until you expand them. These options allow you to add Source EPSG number and Target EPSG number along with a third option to simplify the parameters.

You can use this online DXF to KML converter here.

KML Tools

free online dxf to kml converter

The next website to convert DXF to KML online is KML Tools. This website offers a handful of KML converters and tools including a DXF to KML converter. This converter has some advanced options that let customize the input file parameters before converting them to a KML database. Here, you can snap the quadrant, crop polygonal area, add projection coordinates, and change the grid zone. If you want to use any of these options, you can do that simply checking their respective boxes and giving your input. In the end, select KML (download) as output option and click “Generate KML file button” to convert the data to KML and download the KML to your computer.

Try this tool to convert DXF to KML online here.

GIS Convert

convert dxf to kml online

GIS Convert is another free online converter to convert various types of GIS data formats. You can easily convert DXF to KML online with this tool. To do that, add your DXF file to the converter and select Keyhole Markup Language (KML) from the Output Format drop-down. Do note that, this tool has a 200 MB input file size limit. After that, when you click the Convert File button, this tool converts the DXF to KML and download a ZIP file to your computer. You can get the resulted KML file by extracting the ZIP file.

Give this online DXF to KML converter a try here.

Wrap Up

With these free to use websites, you can easily convert DXF to KML online. If you are looking for a simple converter then GeoConveter and GIS Convert are the ideal options to go with. And, if you want to select/customization geospatial parameters then give myGeodata and KML Tools a try.

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