Generate Video Scripts using this Free AI App by Speaking Few Words

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BIGVU is a popular and widely used Teleprompter App customized for individual and small-size video developers and enables you to record and edit a variety of videos for marketing, sales pitches, social posts, training & tutorials, news and more. It allows you to upload a prepared script from your local computer and use it on your mobile device as a teleprompter.

Millions of people use BIGVU to record themselves and attain the confidence needed to talk on camera as they need not memorize the text or stick a piece of paper behind the camera with the script.

Recently BIGVU has incorporated an AI Magic writer in their app so that you need not worry about what next to say on the camera or how to fill up your content. Simply describe yourself in a few words and what you would like to speak about, and the AI Magic Writer will produce numerous scripts for you to choose from. When you start recording, the selected script will scroll up your screen as you read it and make you appear like a pro. Just look straight into the camera as if you are live in some news.

AI Magic Writer can generate the following type of scripts for you:

Pitch your Business: Create the ideal pitch to express who you are and what work you are engaged in. This will assist you to business deals faster and establish you as an expert.

Sales Video Letter: Connect with prospective clients using personalized sales pitch script and get more leads.

Share the News: Always keep your viewers updated with the latest information and trends.

The AI Magic Writer is based on Open AI’s GPT along with some AI algorithms from the video marketing world.

How it Works:

1. Download and install BIGVU video studio – Teleprompter & Video captions app using the link that we have provided below, if you do not have it in your device. Sign up for a free account using your Google credentials.

2. Tap on the ‘+’ sign at the bottom of the screen and choose ‘AI Magic Writer’

Choose AI Magic Writer

3. Tap on any of the available templates such as Pitch My Business, Video Sales Letter etc.

Choose Template

4. Type your name so that it can be added to the Script and tap on ‘Next’

5. Input a few words describing yourself, what business you are in and more and tap on ‘Next’. If you choose the Video Sales template, the app will ask about your Company / Product and the intended Audience.

Describe yourself and work

6. AI Magic Writer will now process the inputs and generate the script for you according to the type of video that you are producing. The script will be displayed on your device screen and you can choose to directly Edit the script if required.

AI Script

Edit Script

7. Once you are satisfied with the contents of the script, just tap on ‘Record’. The script generated by AI Magic Writer will now be visible on the screen on the recording screen and will start scrolling up once you actually start recording.

Recording started

Closing Comments:

There is no facility to voice record the words describing yourself and your business, sales proposal etc. as claimed by the developers. You must manually type or paste the words / phrases and then AI Magic Writer will generate the script for you.

Overall, AI Magic Writer is an extremely handy tool to prevent video marketing fatigue and helps you to easily fill up your content calendar with diverse ideas and scripts. Using the News templates, you quickly share industry and technology know-how in the shortest possible time. The Pitch My Business and Sales Video templates can help you close more deals in lesser time and earn more money.

Click here to download BIGVU Teleprompter App for Android. For downloading from App Store, you may click this link. If you are interested in using the BIGVU web application, click here.

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