Free AI Powered WhatsApp Sticker Generator using Stable Diffusion

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Sticker AI is an AI based Sticker Maker for WhatsApp (WA) that uses Stable Diffusion technology to easily generate amazing stickers from plain text input. You can import the sticker collection in your WA as a pack, once you select at least three stickers ideas.

Stickers are pictures that you can append to your text messages to express a wide range of emotions that are difficult to put forward via text. They give you a lot more options and flexibility as compared to emojis and traditional smileys.

Although there are a number of apps that may help you to produce stickers for WA, but Sticker AI is a unique application as it uses artificial intelligence to provide you with sticker options with every text input. You can then go ahead and explore the cool sticker collection using various inputs, save them in a custom sticker pack and import them to WA.


1. Download and Install Sticker AI from PlayStore by using the link that we have provided at the end of this article and sign in with your Google Account.

2. Tap the ‘+’ button to add a new Sticker.

Start sticker generation

3. Type the input prompt to generate the sticker. Try to be as descriptive as possible to generate better stickers and then tap on the ‘tick mark’ icon.

Type input prompt

4. The app will use the Stable Diffusion technology and may take some time to generate a single sticker based on the input that you have provided. Once the processing is done, the sticker will be displayed on the screen.

Stickers generated

5. Repeat the above process two times so that you can create a total of three stickers. You can now add the collection as a WA sticker pack by tapping on the WA icon at the bottom of the screen.

Add stickers to WA

Added stickers to WA

6. If you have generated many stickers, you can tap and select those that you want to include in the pack and then tap on the WA icon. Remember that a minimum of three stickers is required to add the pack to WA.


Every text prompt generates only one sticker rather than suggesting multiple options as has been claimed on the Google Playstore Page of Sticker AI. This makes the process far more tedious unlike what would’ve expected from an app that relies on AI for sticker generation.

Closing Words:

Overall, Sticker AI is a mediocre application that helps you in generating stickers that you can add to your WA. I believe that the developers should provide some additional features and functions for the App to be useful and acceptable to the WA community. Also, the App should be able to generate multiple stickers with each text prompt so that the user may select the ones that he desires to add to the WA sticker pack.

Tap here to download and install Sticker AI.

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