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Postybirb is a free Desktop Application for scheduling Multiple Submissions to Social Media platforms and other websites. The submissions can be in the form of multimedia as well as text content including journals for blogs, status updates and more.

PostyBirb built on Electron that is a free and open-source software framework developed and maintained by GitHub.

It is often tedious and cumbersome to post a single submission to numerous social media platforms and websites. The task becomes repetitive, and you must remember all the rules of text formatting for every website where you wish to post. Submissions on multiple websites also take up a lot of your time and effort.

Postybirb comes very handy in such use cases. It allows you to create and save a submission and automatically post it to multiple platforms with one click. You can also create your submissions in advance and schedule them so that they can be posted at a specified date and time.

The following is the list of social media and other websites to which Postbirb can post its submissions:

  1. DeviantArt
  2. ​Furiffic
  3. Route50
  4. Twitter
  5. ​Derpibooru
  6. ​Discord
  7. ​newTumbl
  8. ​Pillowfort
  9. ​Itaku
  10. e621
  11. FurryNetwork
  12. ​Patreon
  13. ​SoFurry
  14. ​Weasyl
  15. ​Mastodon
  16. Newgrounds
  17. ​Piczel
  18. ​AfterDark
  19. Fur Affinity
  20. Inkbunny
  21. Pixiv
  22. Tumblr
  23. ​​Hentai Foundry
  24. ​Aryion / Eka’s Portal
  25. Ko-fi
  26. ​SubscribeStar
  27. Artconomy

Postybirb offers the user a good Rich Text Editor and a provision to match the tagging systems of each website as much as possible.

You can save all submission options including list of websites for submission, text formatting, tags, descriptions and more under a named template and use it for all future submissions to save your precious time and effort.

Here are the steps to be followed:

1. Download and Install Postybirb from the link provided at the end of this article.

2. At the outset, you must specify the platforms and websites where you wish to submit posts. Click on the topmost icon in the left vertical toolbar, click on ‘Login’ beside each website that you wish to add, select the ‘Default Profile’ and supply the login credentials for the website to complete the process. Repeat the same steps for every website that you wish to add.

Main Interface

Login to Websites

3. Click on ‘Create Submission’ to send / schedule a post with multimedia content and select and add the file to be uploaded from your local disk. Next, choose the template to be used and click on ‘Yes’. This will bring up the submission editor.


4. Click on ‘Schedule’ and specify the Date and Time if you do not wish to submit the post immediately.


5. Click on ‘Websites’ and select the websites that you have added in the above steps. Add the ‘Description’ for the content using the Rich Text Editor, specify all the website tags separated by commas and click on ‘Post’ or ‘Schedule’ at the bottom right depending on whether you have scheduled a date and time for posting of the submission.

Select Websites

6. If you haven’t scheduled the submission, it will be queued and sent out immediately to all the selected websites as soon as you clicked ‘Post’. If it was a scheduled submission, it will be saved in the ‘Scheduled’ container, moved to the Queued’ container at the prescribed time and posted.

7. You can also click on ‘Save to Template’ at the bottom to save your settings such as selected websites, tags, description and more so that you can use it in the future for similar submissions.

8. To Create a Journal, click on the relevant link in the main screen and follow the same steps as above. Like a submission, you can either choose to post it immediately or schedule it for a certain Date and Time.

Postybirb is secure and does not store the Login information on their servers. A few handy shortcuts have been defined by the developers for efficiency and ease of work. These shortcuts can be found by clicking the bottom most icon on the vertical panel at the left.


  1. Although Postybirb attempts to transform your text into a valid submission for the target websites and also allows you to provide tags, there may be some incompatibility and limitation in supporting each websites specific requirements. Hence it may not always work as intended
  2. The Navigation and Aesthetics of the application are not satisfactory and user friendly. You need to spend some time with the application to figure out how to use it and where to click.


Overall Postybirb is a good application that helps you to automatically Post and Schedule Multiple Submissions to Social Media and other Websites making the process very easy, simple and less time consuming. You can focus more on the content and its quality rather than spending too much time in posting it to the desired websites.

Click here to download and install the Postybirb Desktop Application. Choose the appropriate version depending on your operating system.

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