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FileSnack is a free online file sharing app. You can simply go to the website homepage and upload files that you want to share. The files that you will upload will be available to share immediately through a quick short link. You can then share this link with people you want to share the file with and they will be able to download after clicking on the link.

FileSnack enables you to upload large files which will never expire. It gives you free space up till 2.5 GB, and for that you don’t even have to register yourself. Though FileSnack provides an option to register and then upload, and is a preferred option as you will have track of files you have shared in case you want to reuse them.


The uploaded files are stored on S3 Amazon servers which are secure and safe. You can choose to delete the files or disable the sharing link. This way you can share the file again in future.


Once you upload the document, FileSnack provides various options like:

  1. Move/Copy: Will move or copy the file from one folder destination to another.
  2. Delete: Will delete this file
  3. Edit Info: You can edit the file information, like name, description or add tags to it.
  4. Download: It lets you download this file, you can then update it and post it again or use it.
  5. Share: Set it ON, if you want the file to be enabled for sharing, else set it OFF. If it is OFF, file will remain on server, but you won’t be able to share it.
  6. Visibility: FileSnack provides two visibility options, Public and Private. If you want to keep the uploaded for public viewing or don’t mind to share it publically, you can keep the visibility as Public.
  7. Password: You can protect you file with a password.

Key Feature of FileSnack:

  • Free and easy to use online application.
  • You can upload file of size up to 100MB.
  • It lets you upload files quickly.
  • The sharing link never gets expired.
  • You can control the visibility of uploaded file: Public or Private.
  • You can share file without registration.
  • Download file by clicking on the provided link and does not require you to sign in.
  • It provides large space for storage. For free usage it is 2.5 GB.
  • You can protect your file with a password.
  • It lets you post the link generated on your Facebook, Twitter account and even lets you email.
  • You can drag and drop the file instead of browsing.

Overall Review

FileSnack is undoubtedly a great application to share data, files with friends by simply sharing a download link through Social networking websites or email. It is a simple tool, and even inexperienced users will be able to handle it easily. It helps you immensely if you want to broadcast a file to wide range of audience. FileSnack also provides a 24/7 online support, which they actually provide as claimed. Use it and you will love it for its simplicity. To try it out click here.

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