5 Best Free Websites To Pixelate Photo Online

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Let us checkout these online photo pixelator websites to Pixelate Photo Online. These are some of the best tools available that will help you to apply pixels over your photo easily. Before applying pixels, these tools let you set pixel size according to your choice. Some of these online photo pixelator websites pixelate whole photo, while some let you select an area to pixelate photo. Apart from pixels, some of these tools let you crop photo, and some also provide other options, such as blur photo. This article will assist you to find a tool that will match your requirements to pixelate photo online.

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Here Are The Best Free Websites To Pixelate Photo Online:


Fotor is a popular online photo editor with awesome photo pixelization capability. It lets you brush over the area you want to pixelate. You can set the size of pixel brush and even set the pixel size.

You can load a photo to pixelate from your PC, Dropbox, Facebook, or simply use image URL to get photo. When done, go to Effects menu from the panel on left side of Fotor, scroll down and click on Pixelate option. Here, you will find two sliders: Size and Pixel Size. These sliders let you set the size of brush and pixels respectively. Now using your cursor, brush over the area you want to pixelize. If you mistakenly brush over wrong area, you can undo by pressing Ctrl+Z. Apply the effect once done, then download photo to your PC. You can also share photos on social media, or get the image URL to share link directly.

Pine Tools

Pine Tools provides various photo tools. There are two online photo pixelator tools available on this website. One of the tools lets you pixelate whole photo, while other lets you pixelate selected area. For both the tools, you can set pixel size. Let us check these tools out one at a time.

Pixelate Photo Online by Pine Tools lets you pixelate whole photo. You can upload a photo from your PC, then set pixel block size. Block size can be varied from 2 to 96. Bigger the block size, bigger will be the pixels. After setting the block size, simply click on Pixelate option. The output will be displayed. If not happy with the result, change block size and click Pixelate. To save processed photo, click on the image format you want to download the pixelized photo in. Your options are JPG, PNG, and WEBP.

Censor Photo (Blur, Pixelate) Online by Pine Tools lets you pixelate selected area on a photo. You can either pixelate a rectangular area or an elliptical area. Here also, you can set pixel block size. After uploading photo, set the shape of area to pixelate, then select the area. Now, click on Pixelate button and then set Pixel block size. Hit the Censor option to apply the pixels on photo. You can save the processed image as PNG, JPG, or WEBP photo.

Note: You can also blur selected area or apply solid block to censor photo using this tool.


Facepixelizer lets you pixelize face in a picture. It automatically detects face in a photo you upload, then pixelizes it. You can also manually select an area to pixelize it. You can only load a photo here by drag and drop method. After you load a photo, set selection effect as Auto. You can also crop a photo if required. When done, click on Pixelize option. This will detect face and pixelize it. You can also opt for manual selection to manually select a rectangular area to pixelize. Facepixelizer is a dedicated tool to pixelate photo online.

Heavy Mural

Heavy Mural is another dedicate photo pixelization tool. Here, you can pixelate photo by setting pixel size manually. Begin by uploading photo from your PC. Now go down to Image Scale section at the panel on left side. Here, you can set the number of Pixels per column on per 100 pixel square area. Additional options on top of Image Scale section let you select Color palette and FX options to apply on original image. You can save pixelated image as PNG.

Mara Pixelate

Mara Pixelate by Mara Tools is a dedicate online photo pixelizer. Here, you can pixelate whole photo in a go. All you need to do is load a photo, and select pixel block size to apply effect. The pixel block size can be varied from 2 to 381. You can download processed photo as JPEG, PNG, or WEBP. For JPG and WEBP, you get option to set image quality.

Mara provides various options to upload photo. You can either upload one from your PC, load one from Dropbox, paste image from Clipboard, load photo from URL, or click a photo from your Webcam.

Closing Words

These were some of the best online photo pixelator tools available out there. All of these are pretty different from each other and the list clearly differentiates them according to the options provided.

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