Free tool to recommend Gifts for Friends, Family using AI: Outdone

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Outdone is a free, unique AI-based website that you can use to generate Recommendations for Gifts for Family members, Relatives and Friends. It’s a great tool for persons who are shopping for gifts for their beloved ones but are muddled about what exactly to buy.

One of the most loving gestures on this planet is to present a gift to someone you love and respect. Psychologists associate this act with noble human behavior and virtuousness that brings people together and resolves their differences if any.

One must remember that giving someone a gift is an art that requires careful thinking. The process of choosing the gift can be a bit puzzling and complex that we do not want to go wrong especially if we care a lot about the person. Several thoughts start popping up in your mind like what if the gift does not match with their personality, what if it looks cheap from their point of view, what if they don’t like It at all etc. When you are clouded with these thoughts there is a great probability that you may make the wrong decisions. This is where Outdone can play a very beneficial role in suggesting the right gifts for the intended person based upon some background information.

All that you need to do is answer a few things about the person for whom you want to purchase a gift such as age, interests, hobbies and more. The AI engine of Outdone will then process the inputs and generate recommendations that will be well suited and perfectly matched for the gift taker. Subsequently, you can shop for the selected gift directly from Outdone using any of the choices that are provided and make the purchase.


1. Navigate to Outdone using the link that we have provided at the end of this article.

2. Specify the age of the person (in years) for whom you want a gift recommendation and click on ‘Continue’

Type age

3. Select how the person is related to you such as Parents, Spouse, Siblings, Friends etc and then select the Sex of the person in the next screen.

Relation of the person

4. In the succeeding pages you will be asked to choose the recipients Likes, Favorite physical activities, Places they like to visit, Clothing styles worn by them, Preferred foods & drinks, and Type of the Area where they reside (country-side, city, suburbs etc.). In each section you can select all the choices that apply for the person.


Physical activities


5. After you make all the above selections, you will be asked to choose the state where they reside from a drop-down list of the States of USA.

Select US State

6. After this you must select any organizational types for which the recipient makes an effort to support like Sustainable, Charitable etc. You may also choose to skip this section.

Business types

7. Finally, select how much you intend to spend on the gift and then click on ‘Get Recommendations’.


8. The AI engine of Outdone gets to work and in just a couple of seconds gives you the Gift Recommendations categorized by Brands.

Gist Recommendations

9. You can click on any of the Brands to browse through all the suggestions. Once you have finalized the gift, you can click on that item to navigate to the shopping site and make the purchase.

Gist Recommendations

Closing Words:

Outdone has been developed to take the stress out Gift Shopping and I feel it does a good job at that. It brings numerous well-researched brands to a gift shoppers table and makes it easy to find great gifts for your loved ones based on all the information that you have provided.

Click here to navigate to Outdone.

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