Free tool to create Similar Documents from an Input Template: Docfill

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Are you in a work that involves the process of regularly duplicating the same document again and again to generate identical or similar documents. Well, Docfill is just the solution for you as it easily transforms your required documents into a template from which you can create similar documents by plain form filling procedures.

Docfill is a free online tool that has been specifically designed to resolve the pain point of creating identical documents quickly and easily. All that you need to do is manually transform your document upload it in the DOCX format, create the template, configure the fields and start filling the forms to create matching documents. The basic aim of creating a document template to enable it to be used and reused on different data such as the same type of agreement of different clients.


1. Click on this link to navigate to Docfill and sign up for a free account.

2. The DOCX document must be prepared before it can be reused as a document template. This process is vey easy and you only need to replace some of the data in the original document and configure it as a variable field. For example, replace the occurrence of the Name of any person with ${Name} where ‘Name’ is the label given to the field. Likewise, replace the Age of the person with ${Age} and more. Look at the screenshots below for more understanding.

Original Document

Modified document

3. You can assign any name to your variables, but you must ensure that it is something meaningful and can be easily identified. Also, once any variable has been defined, it can be reused withing the document wherever you like.

4. Now, click on Templates | Create Template, assign a name to it and upload the DOCX file that you created in the above step.

Create Template

Upload template

5. Once the template has been uploaded, just click on it to open the template and you will observe all the variable fields that you have defined above in the ‘Template Fields’ section.

Template Info

6. Each variable can be assigned a Friendly Name and Helper text. Friendly name is the one that is used as a field name when creating matching documents from the template. Helper text is displayed at the bottom of the form and is used a hint for filling the field during the process of document creation. You can modify the default Friendly name and add Helper text by clicking on the ‘Pen’ icon at the extreme right of the field. After you finish the editing, click on the green colored ‘Save’ icon at the end of the field to save the changes.

Edit friendly name

7. You can enable / disable any field using the corresponding toggle switch. If you wish to change the order (sequence) of the fields, just click-hold the mouse on the 3-lines icon at the beginning of the field and drag and drop it to the new location.

Disable Enable field

8. Now, click on the ‘Documents’ tab, click on the ‘Create’ button and choose ‘Create Document’.

9. Specify a meaningful name for the document, and choose the document template from the drop down list. You will now be able to observer all the template fields in the Document Data section. Go ahead and fill all the fields and at the end of it click on ‘Create’.

Create Document

10. Wait for some time while the document is created by Docfill based on the template fields and the corresponding data that you have filled. You can now click on ‘Preview’ to view the document on the screen. To download the document in DOCX format, click on the corresponding button.

Download Preview

11. You can manually edit the data using the Form on the right but newly edited data will be reflected in the preview or the downloaded document only after you click on the ‘Update & Publish’ button at the bottom right of the form.

Final document

The free version of Docfill allows a maximum of 1 form template and generation of 20 documents from it. To overcome this limitation, you can subscribe to their Pro plans. Click here to read more about it.

Closing Comments:

Docfill addresses the pain point of users having to create similar documents again and again using a template. You can then create new documents from the template as if you are filling a simple form. Hence, future document creation becomes seamless and saves a lot of time that can be spent for more constructive purposes.

Click here to navigate to Docfill.

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