Free Online Productivity Tool with White Noise to Focus on Work: Space4

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Space4 is an online workplace where you can improve your productivity by learning how to avoid distractions and focus on a task at hand.

During the pandemic and even beyond, many companies require that employees work from home, as the technology permits it without any loss of quality. Technically speaking this is called ‘working remotely’.

Work from Home comes with its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages can be flexible schedules, independence of location, no commuting etc. As far as the disadvantages are concerned there are quite a few, but one of the most important are the distractions that disrupt your productivity. These distractions could be in the form of domestic compulsions coupled with social media addiction.

Initially people reap the fruits of ‘work from home’ but slowly start underperforming and wasting time due to the distractions.  Sooner or later they realize that their dream of ‘work from home’ has actually turned a nightmare due to lack of control.

Years of research has proved that you cannot accomplish things unless you prioritize and develop a keen focus. And this not at all possible if you get easily distracted. Here is exactly where Space4 comes in. It helps you practice and hone the skills of staying focused and getting things done.

This is how it works:

  1. Navigate to Space4 and Sign In and activate your account.
  2. Choose a theme which is actually a room like ‘Private room’, ‘Study’, ‘Coding’ etc.
  3. Define the task that you would like to focus on like ‘Complete Assignments, ‘Check Emails and Respond’ and more. Click on Start.
  4. The timer starts counting up which gives you a positive feeling of working more unlike a countdown timer. Give yourself a small goal within which you need to complete this task. When the timer starts running, practice focusing on the task that you have defined above. This is where your energies should be spent.
  5. You can click on ‘Break’ to pause the timer and return after your important recess.
  6. You can also play some ‘White Noise’ to stimulate your brain by clicking on the appropriate icons at the bottom of the screen. They are basically normal environmental sounds with varying frequencies that enhance the ability of the brain to concentrate and focus.
  7. Click on ‘Finish ‘once you have accomplished the task. This gives you a sense of a triumph and an impetus to go for the next task and so on.


Space4 keeps track of your work time by which you can compare and visualize how many productive hours you have spent and gain an insight into further improvement techniques.

The Free version of Space4 has a 40 minute usage limit for each session. You can subscribe to the Paid version to remove this restriction and also gain an extra feature wherein you can add like-minded people in your room to gain a sense of community in today’s isolated world.


If you are good intentioned, hardworking and interested in learning skills to improve your focus, then Space4 is a good online tool. It does require a great deal of commitment and dedication from your side without which the tool cannot be of any help. Like they say ‘Nothing in Life is Free’.

Go ahead and try it out from this link. It will help you a lot. Happy Focusing!

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