Free Online App Icons Generator for Android, iOS, Web App, Flutter

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This article covers a free app icons generator for Android, iOS, web app, Flutter, Reactive Native, and many more. The icon is like the face of the app that helps people identify the app among others. While creating an app, a number of app icons are needed depending on the platform you are developing the app for. It is basically the same icon but in different sizes for different screen sizes. Some app development tools like Android Studio can generate all the needed icons from the original icon file. For the rest, you can use Iconify.

Iconify is a free website where you can instantly generate app icons for multiple platforms. The website supports 10 popular platforms/design tools. You can generate app icons for any or all of those platforms at once. All you have to do is upload your original icon file and you get icons for all the selected platforms packed inside a ZIP file. Let’s check out how it’s done.

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Free Online App Icons Generator for Android, iOS, Web App, Flutter

Iconify is simple to use and can generate app icons in a matter of seconds within a few clicks. You can generate the icons right away after visiting the website. There is no need for any type of account or sign up. It doesn’t even collect your email address, unlike many other similar websites.

Free App Icons Generator for Android, iOS, Web App

Once you are on the website, you have to upload your original app icon file in either JPG or PNG format. Make sure it is your final design and it is recommended to be in high resolution (1024×1024 px). After that, you can select for which platforms you want to generate the icons. Simple go to the name of that platform and toggle it to enable. Then, click the Generate App Icons from the bottom to get the selected icons packed in a ZIP file.

This website can generate app icons for the followings:

  • iOS (19 different sizes and files)
  • Android (6 different sizes and files)
  • Flutter (20 different sizes and files)
  • React Native (34 different sizes and files)
  • Cordova (30 different sizes and files)
  • Web App (5 different sizes and files)
  • macOS (10 different sizes and files)
  • iWatch (11 different sizes and files)
  • Windows Phone (32 different sizes and files)
  • Quasar (10 different sizes and files)


Closing Words

Iconify provides a convenient way to quickly generate app icons for multiple platforms. You can create sets of icons in various sizes within seconds and saves time. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts on this in the comments.

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