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User Persona Generator is an AI-based online tool that allows you specify basic information and get a detailed marketing Persona in just a few seconds. You can use it and go ahead to win the hearts of your audience. In simple terms, a Persona is a profile or character sketch of a section of your target market or users. You can imagine them to archetypes as they help you to look at who your users are and the types of users that you would like to focus on. Personas are developed using qualitative and quantitative data extracted through market research and machine learning (in case of AI)

All that you need to fill is 2 fields – Business information and Target audience and the AI of User Persona Generator will automatically understand and handle the rest of the job absolutely free of cost.


1. Click on this link to navigate to User Persona Generator. You are not required to register for any free account to use this product.

2. Input your Business Information and the Target Audience Segment in the required fields and click on ‘Generate FREE Persona’.

Input Business and Target audience

3. Wait for 10 seconds while the tool processes the inputs.

4. Once the processing is done, the Persona (with a fictional name) along with basic information will be portrayed towards the left side of the page.

Persona Details

5. The right pane of the page will display the Problem that faces the Persona and the Pains related to it especially the negative consequences.


6. Below it, the Goal and Benefits will be shown. Goal is what the Persona truly intends to achieve so that they can feel the positive consequences listed under Benefits.


7. Lastly, the Trigger will be indicated that pushed the Persona to search for a solution that usually comes with problems that are bound to slow your pace. These problems are listed under Barriers.

8. You can click on ‘Share this Persona’ to copy its URL and share with whomever you like. You can input your email address further down the page and unlock 9 actionable ideas for the Persona in question.

Closing Comments:

Overall, this is a fairly okay online tool to generate a marketing Persona easily and quickly. It’s a good starting point if you desire to learn more about your audience without the tedious process of interviews.

Go ahead and try it out and do write to us on how it was useful for you. Click here to navigate to User Persona Generator.

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