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Paperpal is a free AI-based intelligent writing assistant that understands the academic context of your writing, identifies language and grammar errors, and automatically recommends improvements helping you to refine your writing in just a few minutes. The AI of Paperpal has been trained on millions of manuscripts and this ensures that users get accurate and relevant suggestions almost on par with those by human editors.

Paperpal boasts of sophisticated NLP capabilities that can precisely detect the academic writing structure and conventions in your manuscript and suggest corrections. While doing this it maintains the entities like title, pages, references, equations, abbreviations and more as well as non-English words if any. As compared to other grammar checkers, it offers more significant language corrections and increased editing coverage.

Let’s briefly go through the Features of Paperpal:

Extensive language and grammar check: The AI of Paperpal comprehends the academic context, identifies intricate language and grammar mistakes, and offers suggestions to enhance your writing within minutes.

Rewrite content: This feature can be employed to enhance the dynamism of your writing by automatically transforming your text into clear and captivating academic prose, while also presenting alternative expressions for consideration. This feature provides you with 3 tools viz, Paraphrase, Trim and Make Academic. You can use the Paraphrase feature to add diversity to your writing and clearly express your ideas. With Trim, you can obtain a concise version of your writing when you wish to meet word count limits. The ‘Make Academic’ feature enables you to follow a formal, academic tone.

Copilot for Generative writing: The Copilot feature helps you to accelerate your writing with outlines, email templates, topic assistance, abstract generation and more. It has been developed using secure and proprietary large language models (LLM) that are continuously trained on scholarly content.

Superior academic translation: The academic translation features from Paperpal are powered by DeepL and can automatically detect content written in over 25 languages and translate it to English. This feature is only available in the Pro version.


1. Click on this link to navigate to Paperpal and click on ‘Get Started’ to sign up for a free account using your email address.

2. You will be navigated to the Paperpal Dashboard from where you can create and access all your documents and manuscripts.

3. Click on ‘New Web Document’ and start typing your content. Observe that Paperpal as soon as you commence writing, Paperpal keeps scanning it in real time and provides suggestions for its improvement.New web document

4. The errors (grammar, spellings, vocabulary etc.) are clearly shown in the right-side panel in the forms of cards. You can click on any card title to open it and review the suggestions.

Conciseness error

Punctuation error

5. Once it is open you can click on the card to accept / reject all the suggestions in one go or you can click on the highlighted text to accept or reject the individual suggestions.

Accept individual suggestions

6. To use Copilot, which is the generative AI tool of Paperpal, click on its button at the top right of the panel. To use any of the 3 tools such as Paraphrase, Trim or Make Academic, choose the Rewrite tab in Copilot and click on any of the respective buttons. Next, highlight the relevant text or paragraph in your content, click on the ‘Generate’ button and wait for a few seconds while Copilot processes the text and provides the output.



7. To use the generative writing feature of Copilot, click on the ‘Generate’ tab. Choose any of the available templates such as Outlines, Title, Abstract, Summary, Email and more, follow the instructions provided by Paperpal and click on the ‘Generate’ button to get the results. Some of the tools like Title, Abstract etc. will simply scan your existing content and provide the output while others such as Outlines, Email etc. will ask you to fill up certain fields in a form to get the results.



8. You can customize your language preferences (US / UK English) and choose between Essential / Extensive editing modes by clicking on the ‘Language settings’ button at the bottom right of the panel.

Closing Comments:

Paperpal helps you to write faster and better with quick real-time suggestions including language, grammar, vocabulary and more. The Copilot feature provides you with rich tools that enable you to Paraphrase or Trim the content as well as help you to follow an academic tone for your manuscripts.

Trained on millions of research manuscripts, Paperpal is set to boost your chances of success while letting you focus exclusively on your writing. Go ahead and try out the product and do write to us about what you feel. Click here to navigate to Paperpal.

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