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Problem Agitate Solution (PAS) is a popular copywriting model that actually stands for Problem, Concern and Solution. It assists your clients and customers in identifying the problem, the action that is required to solve the problem and then points to the product in question as the simple and easy solution to their problem.

Let us understand this in very simple terms:

  1. Problem: Identify the problem of the audience. What are their pain points that they encounter as a part of doing their job, what are their common routine struggles that they face?
  2. Agitate: Demonstrate to the audience that you understand that really matters to them. Also show them that you truly recognize the outcome when the problem isn’t resolved thereby invoking an emotional response
  3. Solution: Show that your service or product is the precise solution that addresses the problem and will get rid of it.

Scalenut offers a free AI-based PAS copywriting tool that can be applied to any type of sales copy, marketing games on social media and more. Whether you are writing a landing page, email or flyer, this tool will create the right copy to lead your readers to the desired response and motivate them to click on your Call to Action (CTA)

How it Works:

1. Navigate to the Scalenut PAS framework by clicking on the link that we have provided at the end of this article.

2. Type or Paste your Brand, Description and Tone in the boxes provided and click on the ‘Generate’ link at the bottom. Make sure that your write the USP of your brand products.

Brand, Description, Tone

3. It may take a while for Scalenut to process the inputs that you have specified after which 3 variants of the PAS framework will be displayed on the right hand side. You can click on ‘Generate More’ to get more results with the same inputs.

Scalenut PAS results

Scalenut PAS results

4. To copy end result, you can click on the ‘Copy’ icon at the bottom right of the result.

Closing Comments:

Scalenut offers a good and free PAS framework generator model that takes the brand name, description and tone and gives you the results quickly. You can then use it on any social media or other platforms to persuade your clients and get the desired response from them.

Click here to navigate to Scalenut PAS.

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